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    22 European Foods That Are Worth Traveling For

    Let's face it: The best part of travel is the food.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies, and use our content to dream about a future trip.

    1. Pierogi in Poland

    bowl of pierogi dumplings topped with chives and a spoonful of sour cream on the side

    2. Pastéis de nata in Portugal

    palm-sized egg custard tarts with flaky pastry on a patterned table

    3. Kanelbullar in Sweden

    bowl full of buns with swirls of cinnamon running through the dough

    4. Lakror in Albania

    flaky, golden brown pastry filled spinach and cheese

    5. Bryndza in Slovakia

    plate of small creamy-looking potato dumplings topped with a cheesy sauce, spring onion, and diced bacon

    6. Currywurst in Germany

    chopped up sausages sprinkled with curry powder and a pile of french fries

    7. Waffles in Belgium

    golden brown waffle topped with light sprinkling of powdered sugar

    8. Arancini in Italy

    crispy, golden fried ball of rice with a meat filling

    9. Bocadillo de jamón in Spain

    crusty baguette filled with generous amounts of thinly sliced jamon (ham)

    10. Moussaka in Greece

    big slice of moussaka with a golden brown top, served on a white plate

    11. Karjalanpiirakka in Finland

    rustic-looking hand pies with a bread-like crust and a potato filling

    12. Soupe à l'oignon in France

    bowl of caramelized onion soup topped with a slice of toasted baguette and melted cheese

    13. Ćevapi in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    logs of grilled meat inside a thick pita-like bread

    14. Haggis in Scotland

    a plate of haggis with mashed potatoes and other mashed vegetables

    15. Mekitsi in Bulgaria

    plate of three fried balls of dough sprinkled with powdered sugar

    16. Bramborák in Czechia

    plate of crispy potato pancakes

    17. Tavče gravče in North Macedonia

    hearty bean stew in a bowl on a wooden board with chilli garnish

    18. Chicken paprikash in Hungary

    tender piece of chicken on the bone with a creamy orange paprika sauce and small shell-shaped pasta on the size

    19. Raclette in Switzerland

    half a wheel of gooey melted cheese being scraped onto a piece of bread

    20. Smørrebrød in Denmark

    Traditional Danish open sandwiches, dark rye bread with different fresh toppings

    21. Barbagiuan in Monaco

    22. Apfelstrudel in Austria

    a slice of apple strudel with a golden-brown pastry and thin slices of apple inside

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