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19 European Castles On Airbnb That Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

Break out your fancy hats and monocles; it's time to live like the bigwigs.

1. How would you like a night at a medieval abbey in rural Italy?

2. Pretend you're in Downton Abbey at this spot in the Cotswolds.

3. Drink wine in this French château.

4. Or go back in time to this restored 1400s stone castle in Ireland.

5. Live luxe in a sprawling Italian castle.

6. Get cozy in this 500-year-old Scottish property.

7. Instagram your heart out at this pink palace in Poland.

8. Spend your life's savings to stay at this breathtaking castle in France.

9. Or head just outside of Dublin to this property in Ireland.

10. Spend a night inside a 15th century watch tower in Burgundy, France.

11. Check out this riverside castle in Ireland.

12. Rent out this entire castle for the weekend in France.

13. Be charmed by this Bavarian manor complete with a moat.

14. Experience life in a five-bedroom medieval French tower.

15. Experience 1000 years of history in Catalonia, Spain.

16. Enjoy the authentic details of this Portuguese castle.

17. Revel in the interiors of this slice of Dutch history.

18. Enjoy a sea view from every bedroom at this castle in France.

19. Experience the charm of a Swedish castle.


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