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The 21 Most Important Aria Moments Of 2015

Highlight: your new fave girl gang singing "Chains".

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7. And then it led to this A+ moment.

OMG congrats to the guy who almost tripped lee kernigan on his way to the stage by trying to get a bottle out of the esky #ARIAs

8. Jarryd James accidentally thanked George Michael for his award.

Graham Denholm / Getty Images

"I'd like to thank George, Michael. Well, not George Michael. Alright, why not. I'd like to thank George Michael."



9. Osher Gunsberg plugged Julian Assange's "You're The Voice" cover on YouTube.

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10. 5SOS announced that they'll be touring here next year.

Hey kids @5SOS just announced Oz 2016 tour on the #ARIAs

And really pissed off their fans in the process.

11. Matt Okine won Best Comedy release, and in his speech mentioned the lack of female nominees.

Zak Kaczmarek / Getty Images

"I feel bad if I don't make a point of mentioning something that I feel a little weird about. I don't think there was any women nominated at all in the comedy category just then. And I don't think there are any women who are featured artists on tonight's show even. I mean there's Tina Arena obviously, but other than that, there's a couple of featured guests, but it's like, there's no one. I'd feel stupid if I didn't use this opportunity to say something about that."

The speech didn't air on TV.


14. Then Ed Sheeran told us that he went to a James Blunt gig when he was 14.

Graham Denholm / Getty Images

Ed: "I went to one of James' gigs when I was 14 back in Cambridge Junction and I stole one of his bottles of Corona. There were 20 people in the crowd... and then he went on to sell 20 million records."

James: "That's where you got herpes from, mate."

Ed: "It still itches."