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    This Is The Tomato Sauce Question That's Dividing Australians

    Make sure you ask this on every first date.

    Tomato sauce is honestly one of the greatest food companions known to man.

    No matter how you like to enjoy it, every Aussie can agree that tomato sauce is a blessing from above.

    But what we can't agree on is where to keep it.

    Some people swear up and down that the bottle should live in the fridge. Cold sauce on hot food just makes sense.

    While others are adamant that its true home is in the cupboard, and room-temperature sauce for sure tastes better.


    Although one of these opinions is very, very wrong, I am going to remain impartial and leave the vote up to the people. #Democracy.

    1. Where do you keep your tomato sauce?

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    Where do you keep your tomato sauce?
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      In the fridge, I'm not an idiot.
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      In the cupboard, the only right way.

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