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    24 Things Princesses At Disneyland Would Never Tell You

    It's not easy being the fairest of them all.

    1. When auditioning, you don't audition for a certain character.

    2. And you have a better chance of being hired if you look like the other actors, rather than the character herself.

    3. Not everyone gets hired the first time around.

    4. Princesses who are hired have to go through autograph training.

    5. You also have to go through a few weeks of character training.

    6. The audition process is about eight hours long and is very rigorous.

    7. It helps if you can act and dance.

    8. It's not a requirement, but it also helps if you can sing.

    9. There isn't a specific height you have to be.

    10. You also have to fit the costumes they already have.

    11. Sometimes, creepy dads try their luck.

    12. Some of princesses play more than one face character.

    13. The pay isn't much more than minimum wage.

    14. The average shift is eight hours.

    15. There are a bunch of secret tunnels under most of the parks for cast members and park security to get around quickly.

    16. There will always be teens who try to make characters break.

    17. While in costume, you always have to stay in character.

    18. There's always more than one of each princess working at a time.

    19. At some parks, there is Disney housing for all the crew to live in.

    20. It sounds corny, but the best part of the job is meeting kids, especially when they get so excited to meet you.

    21. Though the kids who are annual pass holders are usually a lot brattier than everyday kids.

    22. Disneyland provides the makeup.

    23. The costumes are really hot and heavy.

    24. And everyone wears a wig, even if their hair is exactly the same colour as their character.

    Information for this post was taken from these Reddit threads.