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    Hey Australian Disney Fans, All Your Fave Movies Are Coming To Stan

    I smell a holiday binge-watching session.

    Australian streaming service Stan announced today a deal with Disney which means...all your fave movies and TV shows will soon be at your fingertips.


    Starting from December 14th (TOMORROW!), content from Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel will be available on Stan.


    Not only are we getting all your fave animated classics and Disney Channel Orginals, but also the whole Marvel back catalogue including all the Avengers and MCU blockbusters from this year. And yes...High School Musical.

    After ending its deal with Netflix, Disney is launching its own streaming service next year, Disney+.


    Maybe this Stan deal means Aussies won't be getting Disney+? Or maybe these Disney titles won't be on Stan forever?

    Whatever happens, all I know is that I have a lot of free time over Christmas, and now a lot of movies to watch.


    If we get all four seasons of Hannah Montana I might cry from excitement.

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