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14 Hacks That'll Help The Laziest Person Host A Dinner Party

For even the laziest of cooks.

1. First off, make sure that your table settings are fit for a queen.

2. Use this handy chart to determine how much you'll need to cook.

3. Start off your night with some epic cheese plates that will make you look like a culinary genius.

4. Plan your dishes according to what's in season, so you have the tastiest meal possible.

5. If you can't keep track of the cooking time of every single veggie, this is the chart for you.

6. This will help you build the ultimate salad.

7. Though your guests will love it even more if it has a homemade dressing.

8. Wine is one of the most important parts of a dinner party! But you need to make sure that it matches your food.

9. Make sure your rice isn't crunchy and your quinoa isn't soggy.

10. You certainly don't want to be feeding your guests undercooked meat.

11. Make sure you season your dishes to perfection.

12. If you decide to make cookies for dessert, consult this picture first.

13. Baking a cake? Though leftovers are always good, you'll need to make sure you have enough for everyone.

14. And finally, have this nifty chart on hand if you need to make any speedy conversions.