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39 Things Every Aussie Kid Said While Growing Up

"You can come to my Pizza Hut party if you trade me that Tazo."

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3. "Mum made me a devon and tomato sauce sambo again."

4. "Aw, cool! I got four cents interest in my Dollarmites account!"

5. "I'm having my birthday party at the Pizza Hut buffet."

6. "And I'm getting a PokΓ©mon ice cream cake from Wendy's."

11. "What Yowie toy did you get? Wanna trade?"

12. "Oh man, this month's Disney Adventures has such a cool toy."

17. "What can I get for 20 cents?"

24. "Agro cones are the best."

27. "What colour's my tongue?"

28. "Aw yeah! I got a Pizza Rounda in my lunch order!"

Remember these at school! OMG I lived on them. Yum πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• #pizza #rounda

35. "Ba-na-na-na-na-na ba-na-na-na-na, make those bodies sing!"

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Whoops! We mixed up our decades: An earlier version of this post spoke about K-Zone magazine, which was of course not a thing until after 2000.