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    22 "Grey's Anatomy" Details That Probably Went Way Over Your Head

    How many did you already spot?

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!

    1. Meredith's phone background in Season 18 is a photo of her kids under the Christmas tree – which looks a lot like the scene from Season 2 of George, Mer, and Izzie lying under the tree.

    A side by side image of a phone with a Christmas tree background, and an image of Izzie, George, and Meredith laying under the same tree

    2. The outfit that Izzie wore on her first date with Alex is the same dress she wore when they first met at the intern mixer.

    Izzie, George, and Meredith lie on top of bed together

    3. Every single episode is named after a song, except one. The first episode of Season 14 is titled "1-800-799-7233," the phone number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

    A still from Grey's Anatomy showing Dr Jo Wilson talking to a man outside an elevator

    4. And the very first song played on Episode 1 of the show, Rilo Kiley's "Portions for Foxes," also played at the end of the 300th episode, when Meredith won her own Harper Avery Award.

    Cristina, George, Meredith, Izzie, and Bailey in the first episode of Grey's Anatomy

    5. Back in Season 4, just after Burke won the Harper Avery Award and didn't give her credit, there's a scene where Cristina sings "Like a Virgin" while working in the morgue. The same song plays in the background when Burke offered Cristina a job at his hospital in Switzerland in Season 10.

    Cristina Yang talking to Dr Burke on the steps of a hospital

    6. In Season 11, we can see that the model of a spine in Callie's lab is colored in blue, pink, and the bisexual pride flag.

    Callie and Jackson talk in a hospital lab, there is a pink/purple/blue spine model in the foreground

    7. Also in Season 11, Stephanie is swiping through a dating app, and one of the guys she X's is a photo of Denny.

    A hand holding a phone with a photo of a man and a red X through his photo

    8. In Season 10, Derek stitches butterfly wings for Zola, which made another appearance six seasons later.

    A side by side of Derek holding butterfly wings, and Zola wearing the same wings

    9. And in Season 16, we also see that Zola still has the lion that Derek gave her in Season 6 when she was first adopted.

    A side by side of Derek holding baby Zola and a stuffed lion, and Zola in a hospital bed with Meredith and the same lion

    10. In Season 6, Richard stopped in at a place called The Rhimes Cafe, surely named for the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes.

    A woman wearing a pink T-shirt with a logo that reads The Rhimes Cafe

    11. Derek once told Meredith his dying wish, but she totally ignored it.

    Meredith Grey looking at Derek in a coma in a hospital bed

    12. According to a flier she posted looking for roommates in Season 1, Meredith was anti-Bush.

    A still from Grey's Anatomy, showing a flier on a noticeboard advertising for roommates

    13. And Amelia is probably anti-Trump, if her answer after brain surgery is anything to go off. When asked if she knows who the current president is, she replied: "I wish I didn't."

    A still from Grey's Anatomy showing Amelia in a hospital bed, Dr Koracick standing behind her with scans of her brain on a computer

    14. MerDer's wedding Post-it Note actually came from Cristina, who wanted to give Meredith something old, new, borrowed, and blue before the City Hall ceremony.

    A framed blue post-it note with wedding vows and signatures written on it

    15. Izzie's dog poster hung in the hospital for 10 whole seasons.

    A poster for a playful protective puppy who needs a loving home

    16. In Season 3, George pulls out a bottle of whiskey, which is clearly Knob Creek, but the prop department changed the label to read, 'Door River.' Clever!

    George and Izzie laughing and drinking from glasses at night

    17. Addison's return to the show in Season 18 sounded a lot like her first introduction way back in Season 1, where she greeted Meredith by saying, "You must be the woman who's been screwing my husband."

    Bailey, Addison, and Richard in a still from Grey's Anatomy

    18. When Alex sends Meredith his case arraignment number after beating up DeLuca, he adds, "See you in three to five with good behavior," to the end of his email.

    A phone showing an email from Alex to Meredith

    19. On Meredith's first day of being a resident in Season 4, she tells her 'rules' to her intern group...which are exactly the same rules that Bailey gave them in the pilot.

    A Grey's Anatomy screen cap showing George and three other interns, he is passing a notebook to someone

    20. The OB-GYN who gives Sloan an ultrasound in Season 6 is the same actor who played a peds intern in Season 1.

    Two stills from Grey's Anatomy showing the same actress, one labeled S1E2 and the other labeled S6E11

    21. In Season 3, there's a sticker encouraging people to get tested for syphilis on Alex's locker door — a sneaky throwback to the syphilis outbreak in Season 1.

    Alex standing in front of an open locker, which is decorated with a photo and a sticker saying 'syphilis, get the test'

    22. In the Season 18 premiere, Meredith is wearing the exact same shirt she wore in the show's pilot episode.

    A side by side of Meredith in Season 18 and in Season 1; she is wearing the same shirt in both photos