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    27 Times Delta Goodrem Was The Most Perfect Lady On The Planet

    Slaying the game, all day every day.

    1. When she had a message for all the people who love to hate on her.

    2. When she released "Heavy" which is one of the most beautiful, honest, and raw songs ever recorded.

    3. Though we can't forget about the perfection that is "Only Human".

    4. When she had no time for haters on Twitter.

    5. Again, and again.

    6. When she gave us all a lesson in lit millennial slang.

    I never knew I needed to hear her say "fucking lit" until this moment.

    7. When she was a genuine angel sent from above while on The Voice.

    Channel 9

    8. When her and Jessie J got close and squashed all those dumb feud rumours.

    Channel 9

    9. And when she was endlessly cute with the rest of her co-stars.

    10. When she released her debut fragrance which broke records and sold more than $1m in eight weeks.

    Chemist Warehouse

    And it smells really, really good.

    11. When she played Grizabella in Cats and blew everyone away with her amazing vocals.

    Honestly I know the power this girl has, and even I was STUNNED by her voice.

    12. When she acknowledged and owned Marlon Wayans' burn in the best possible way.

    Channel 9

    13. Every time she made her fans feel like a part of her tribe.

    14. When she posed in Italy and looked like an actual artwork.

    15. And when she somehow looked like this IN THE RAIN??!!!!

    16. When she shared this incredibly pure throwback.

    17. When she helped orchestrate this on-stage proposal at her concert.

    18. And when this photo of her and her nephew Nate was the cutest thing to ever be posted to Instagram.

    19. When her Mardi Gras performance was nothing short of iconic.

    Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

    20. When she NAILED the Spice Girls rap.

    View this video on YouTube

    21. When she had incredible stage presence, in every concert she does.

    22. When she repeatedly spent her time making other peoples' day.

    @DeltaGoodrem Thanks for visiting Starship Hospital and singing to us! Awesome to meet you xx

    23. Because she's a selfless, understanding human being.

    @DeltaGoodrem #iloveherbecause thanks so much for the phone call it was lovely speaking with you & helps brighten u…

    24. When she said this, which all her fans would wholeheartedly agree with.

    Channel 9

    25. When her voice was SO GOOD that you can hardly tell the difference between studio and live versions.

    left earphone: studio version right earphone: live version mind: blown 🎼 Heavy by @DeltaGoodrem

    26. And when she proved that no matter what happens, she's always the same girl we met all those years ago.

    Sony BMG