20 Vegemite Recipes That Are All Surprisingly Delicious

Vegemite on toast seems so boring now.

1. Vegemite Chicken

Add Vegemite to your next marinade.

2. Vegemite Caramel Pots with Chocolate Ganache

Who said Vegemite had to be savoury?

3. Vegemite Toad in the Hole

Look at that cheesy goodness.

4. Vegemite Ratatouille Tarts


5. Sweet Chilli & Vegemite Stir Fry

An Aussie twist on Asian cuisine.

6. Vegemite Filo Fingers

Perfect finger food.

7. Cheesy Vegemite Pull-Apart

Imagine eating that fresh out of the oven.

8. Swordfish with Vegemite and Walnut Pesto


9. Sweet Potato and Vegemite Pizza

It’ll beat a Hawaiian pizza any day.

10. Vegemite & Honey Drumlettes

Sweet and savoury.

11. Vegemite Lamb in Mushroom Soup

Oh man that looks so gourmet.

13. Vegemite Spaghetti

Crazy easy to make.

14. Vegemite Scrolls

A childhood favourite.

15. Meat Pies with Vegemite

So incredibly Australian.

16. Vegemite, Beef and Ale Pie

A classy twist on a typical pie.

17. Maple Syrup & Vegemite Glazed Ham

A new Christmas favourite?

18. Vegemite Macarons

From Zumbo himself.

20. Vegemite Ganache Cannoli

Holy Vegemite!

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Jemima Skelley is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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