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    Definitive Proof That Soggy Cereal Is Way Better Than Crunchy

    It's time to face the facts.

    Kellogg's Australia have been researching the big question of the cereal world: Is cereal better crunchy or soggy?

    And it turns out that 73% of Australians are wrong.


    Aussie males are 50% more likely than females to eat their cereal soggy.

    And in this instance, the men know what's going on.

    It's time for everyone to realise that more milk is always better.

    Just see how good the milk looks going into that bowl.

    Keep pouring, keep pouring, keep pouring.


    They just go together so well.

    The greatest pairings of all time: Romeo & Juliet, Brad & Jennifer, and cereal with excessive milk.

    Your cereal needs to literally be DROWNING in milk.

    Oh man, imagine how soggy those Fruit Loops would be...

    A soggy cereal lover's heaven.

    Science proves that Corn Flakes are 100% better tasting when completely saturated.

    And you can't argue with science.

    Some cereals are designed to soak up half a bottle of milk.

    Can you imagine trying to swallow dry Weet Bix?


    It would be like a sandpaper tongue massage.

    Soggy cereal eaters are way more productive in the mornings.

    While they wait for their cereal to get soggy, they have an extra ten minutes to get their shit together.

    Some have even been known to pour their milk at home and drive all the way to work before taking a bite.

    For serious soggers only.

    You know Ryan Gosling isn't eating this because it's crunchy.

    Get that peasant food away from me!

    And milk is so good for you!

    FOX / Via

    Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium.

    This cat is clearly judging him for not having enough milk.

    Even mutant ninja turtles love their cereal with plenty of milk.

    As does Pharrell.

    And the Biebs.





    This is the worst thing that can ever happen. Ever.

    While this bowl is clearly the work of Satan.

    Come and join the soggy side.