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14 Cult Beauty Products That Are So Good They Have A Waitlist

Surely 25,000 people can't be wrong.

1. Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask

These clay masks are made with pink Australian clay, rather than the green colour we're used to when we think of a clay mask. It promises to detoxify and brighten your skin, plus it's cruelty-free. They totally sold out in the first three months after launching, so act fast.

2. Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

Frank Body's coffee scrubs have always been a cult fave, but the launch of their shiny unicorn scrub this year saw the brand's popularity skyrocket. It's a moisturising exfoliator, which also leaves your skin shimmery as hell. Everyone wants one – just ask the 50,000 people on the waitlist if you don't believe me.

3. Zilch Acne Formula

At $140 for a 30-day supply, these acne treatment tablets aren't cheap but the reviews are stellar. Made from all-natural ingredients and free from drugs and preservatives, they're also all batch-made from scratch.

4. Mermaid Salon Makeup Brushes

It's not hard to see why these beautiful brushes are so in-demand. When the first batch sold out in six minutes, the creator had to get thousands more made to keep up with the waitlist. Not bad for a small salon in Brisbane.

5. St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

When this product first launched two years ago, it boasted a 10,000-strong waiting list. The idea of an in-shower fake tanner is pretty revolutionary, especially one that doesn't end up looking streaky as hell. The lotion is now easy to get your hands on, perfect for every impatient beauty lover out there.

6. Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask

This Korean beauty product is currently sold out and has 5,000 people waiting on its restock, with nothing but rave reviews from those who have already tried it. It promises radiant soft skin, and has a delicious summery smell.

7. The Ordinary Serum Foundation

The popularity for this foundation is truly off the charts. After its launch, it sold out almost immediately, with 25,000 on the waiting list wanting to get their hands on it. That's because not only is it a high-quality cruelty-free foundation available in 21 shades, but it's also only $7-$13 (depending on your currency). And everyone who's tried it has nothing but good feedback.

8. Ever Skin Lavish Body Butter

This super-rich body butter seems to always be sold out, and for good reason. It's ultra hydrating, and promises to tighten skin with its ingredient list of nourishing antioxidants. Even better, it's free from synthetic colours and fragrances.

9. Pat McGrath Lust 004

Pat McGrath's lipstick kits are truly like nothing else out there. The mix of lip colour, gloss, and pigmented glitter make for a unique look which is understandably super popular. This red kit seems to always be in the most high-demand.

10. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

You've probably seen this face serum on your Insta feed before. It's one of those cult products which is always in and out of stock on Sephora's website that people always seem to go wild for. It's super hydrating, with real 24k gold flakes, and can be used as a face and lip moisturiser, or mixed with foundation for an all-day glow.

11. Ciaté Mirror Manicure

This Ciaté polish is the first chrome polish with a mirrored finish that comes from a bottle – no gel, UV, or powder needed. It was only released last week but has already sold out, with more stock coming soon.

12. CoverFX Custom Cover Drops

These magic bottles of liquid are versatile as hell. You can use the product on its own for shimmery lips and eyes, you can blend it into your cheeks as a highlighter, or you can mix a few drops into your foundation for an all-over glow. The price is pretty steep but it's worth it for how many uses it has.

13. Wet n Wild rainbow highlighter

This was one of the biggest products of last year, when it was almost impossible to scroll through social media without seeing someone proudly showing off their unicorn highlighter. It's a little easier to get your hands on nowadays, and at $6 a pop, why wouldn't you?

14. Silisponge

When these makeup applicators hit the market last year, they went super-viral, especially when YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook reviewed them in videos. Now there are a ton of brands doing silicone sponges, which some herald as being better than BeautyBlenders. They apparently give much better coverage, and also don't soak up all your foundation like sponges can. Plus, they're way easier to clean.

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