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    17 True Crime Documentaries That'll Make You Poop Your Pants

    They're even scarier because they're real...

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favourite true crime documentaries. Here are some of the creepiest answers.

    1. Killer Legends


    "This documentary goes through four creepy urban legends everyone's heard of and laughed off, and explores how they originated. More specifically, it looks at the actual murders and events that they're based on. Watch it and prepare to relive that childhood fear you had upon first hearing those stories." – skailyr

    2. Team Foxcatcher


    "This documentary came out two years after the feature film. It may not seem like a creepy subject but it's honestly so terrifying to see John Du Pont's team talk about him and how he basically unraveled into paranoia, which fueled a murder. It's scary to see so many people form a kind of family and one just totally lose his mind." – hannag4dc3be93c

    3. Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer

    Nick Broomfield

    "Watching her interviews gave me chills! The way she describes how she killed her victims with ease, and how she truly felt like she did nothing wrong was beyond unsettling. You get the chance to see how horrible her life was growing up, and it really makes you wonder if that played into how disturbed she grew up to be. Not to mention the crazy eyes." – carlya4bc9583d1

    4. There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane


    "It's about a suburban mom who drove into oncoming traffic killing herself and seven others (including three kids). They claim that she was a reckless alcoholic, but some things just didn't seem to add up to me..." – Belle Pen

    5. The Cannibal That Walked Free

    Channel 5

    "It's about a man from Japan who was studying abroad in Paris, and he killed and ate a Dutch woman. The documentary explores his reasoning for it, how he got out of having to go to prison, and his life after moving back to Japan. He says he has remorse for doing it, but he doesn't show any form of regret. He's even admitted to still having cannibalistic urges." – rasbwrry

    6. Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple

    Firelight Media

    "It's about Jim Jones and Jonestown. It's so scary how these people who followed him were just normal people who wanted a better life and a closeness to God, and they paid the ultimate price for it." – Molly

    7. Paradise Lost


    "It's terrifying to know, without a doubt, that political careers and aspirations have part in any trial that holds a human life in the balance." – aimeemillerg

    8. The Jinx


    "It's incredibly riveting and let me assure you the last episode (it's a docu-series) will leave you utterly blown away." – ellenpdx

    9. Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse


    "The way that a small child talks so calmly about wanting to stab her parents was absolutely haunting. Words that extreme, said in her voice, make her sentiments twice as chilling." – emmaa4c674da1e

    10. One Minute to Nine

    Quinto Malo Films

    "Shortly after the birth of Wendy Maldonado's first child, her husband Aaron began to abuse her, and told her about his fantasies of torture and murder. Aaron was into videotaping and much of this horror is documented through the family's extensive collection of tapes." – suzanner4d734468b

    11. The Confessions of Thomas Quick

    Film 4

    "A man conveniently confesses to all of Sweden's open murder cases, but it turns out that he was mentally ill and making up these fantastic stories based on tidbits the police were feeding him. It goes on for decades until he recants. Hearing Sture Bergwell talk nonchalantly about making up stories of horrendous murders will set you on edge and make you wonder just how innocent he claims to be." – amandagibbyg

    12. Soaked in Bleach

    Suburban Hitchhiker

    "It's about the death of Kurt Cobain and the likely involvement of Courtney Love in his death. It's insane." – k43b1b16fb

    13. The Iceman Tapes: Conversations with a Killer


    "It's about a mob-related hitman possibly responsible for hundreds of murders during the 1980s. I watched it in a high school law class and have been fascinated ever since." – Abbie Christensen

    14. Killer Kids

    The Biography Channel

    "It's a TV show about true stories of crazy-ass teenagers murdering people. It's so insane!" – carijayne

    15. Fritzl


    "This documentary captures the sadistic horror of a human being who kept his daughter in the cellar of her childhood home. She was raped, tortured, and forced to give birth to her father's seven offspring for two and a half decades. Had it not been for her daughter falling desperately ill and being taken to the hospital she would probably still be down there." – leannetillyk

    You can watch it here.

    16. Zero Hour: Massacre at Columbine High


    "The acting has aged a little, but something about the complete reconstruction of the shooting at Columbine is chilling to watch." – saram4b02c1575

    17. Who Took Johnny


    "It not only raises awareness about a specific case of a missing child, but brings evidence of a child sexual exploitation ring controlled by government officials or wealthy individuals. You sympathise with the mother from the start, who has devoted her life to helping other children and their families."  – bethanyp4c7450957

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    Correction: An earlier version of this post stated in #4 that Diane Schuler crashed her car and killed seven kids. It was actually seven people, including three kids. Thanks to everyone who commented to let me know!