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    28 Photos That Show How Different America And Australia Are

    We do things a bit differently...

    1. Wildlife in America: / Via Wikimedia Commons

    Wildlife in Australia.

    2. Elections in America:

    Elections in Australia:

    3. Drinking wine in America:

    Drinking wine in Australia:

    4. Newspapers in America:

    New York Times

    Newspapers in Australia:

    5. Fashion shops in America:

    Fashion shops in Australia:

    6. Politicians in America:

    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    Politicans in Australia:

    7. Souvenirs from America:

    Souvenirs from Australia:

    8. Patriotism in America:

    Patriotism in Australia:

    9. Spring in America:

    Spring in Australia:

    10. Water branding in America:

    Water branding in Australia:

    11. Tourists in America:

    Tourists in Australia:

    12. Beaches in America:

    Beaches in Australia:

    13. Landmarks in America:

    Landmarks in Australia:

    14. Couple goals in America:

    Adrian Sanchez-gonzalez / AFP / Getty Images

    Couple goals in Australia:

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