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    30 Photos That Will Make You Say "WTF America"

    Why all the bacon, guys?

    1. Cookie-flavoured water. Presented without comment.

    2. Oh lord. You actually eat this?

    3. And this?

    4. Meanwhile this just sounds gross.

    5. And this straight-up looks like a mistake.

    6. Imagine being chuffed that your boo bought you a diamond, only to find out he did it for a free rifle.

    7. This is... not necessary.

    8. Honestly wtf does this even taste like?

    9. Surely this can't be legal.

    10. While this definitely shouldn't be legal.

    11. Camouflage cake??

    12. These sunglasses don't even cover both eyes.

    13. This has to be some kind of joke.

    14. Please tell me this is fake.

    15. And this is just plain wrong.

    16. Do you stuff your hamburgers with... hot dogs?

    17. Guys. C'mon.

    18. Why is this a thing that you choose to sell to the public?

    19. What would you even mix with popcorn vodka?

    20. Is this a... zombie weapon?

    21. What does this even smell like?

    22. And wtf is THIS??????????

    23. Why is this even a thing? Keep your fries in the bag? Or just eat them when you get home?

    24. Wtf is happening here?

    25. No one could actually legitimately eat this, right?

    26. Is this some kind of classy tableware???

    27. A peanut butter and bacon MILKSHAKE????!!??!

    28. Why oh why do you need so many types of mayo?

    29. Redneckognize? REDNECKOGNIZE????

    30. And is this really a good idea?