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30 Photos That Will Make You Say "WTF America"

Why all the bacon, guys?

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1. Cookie-flavoured water. Presented without comment.

Reddit: shilo69 / Via

2. Oh lord. You actually eat this?

Reddit: Pranker99 / Via

3. And this?

Reddit: SubliminalMassage / Via

4. Meanwhile this just sounds gross.

Reddit: 16ragq / Via

5. And this straight-up looks like a mistake.

Reddit: BunyipPouch / Via

6. Imagine being chuffed that your boo bought you a diamond, only to find out he did it for a free rifle.

Reddit: CAT_WILL_MEOW / Via

7. This is... not necessary.

Reddit: online_maniac / Via

8. Honestly wtf does this even taste like?

Reddit: Miss-anthropic / Via

9. Surely this can't be legal.

Reddit: StrokeInPants / Via

10. While this definitely shouldn't be legal.

Instagram: @dementedtimes / Via

11. Camouflage cake??

Reddit: autonomous_automaton / Via

12. These sunglasses don't even cover both eyes.

Reddit: wolfiethewolf / Via

13. This has to be some kind of joke.

Instagram: @mynewphilly / Via

14. Please tell me this is fake.

Reddit: jarodw182 / Via

15. And this is just plain wrong.

Reddit: Dreamstakeroot / Via

16. Do you stuff your hamburgers with... hot dogs?

Imgur: CatCosplay / Via

17. Guys. C'mon.

Reddit: CallMeJeeJ / Via

18. Why is this a thing that you choose to sell to the public?

Reddit: BfmVfan1 / Via

19. What would you even mix with popcorn vodka?

Reddit: strickismyname / Via

20. Is this a... zombie weapon?

Reddit: agingercrab / Via

21. What does this even smell like?

Reddit: clothingoptional19 / Via

22. And wtf is THIS??????????

23. Why is this even a thing? Keep your fries in the bag? Or just eat them when you get home?

Reddit: SavantTrain / Via

24. Wtf is happening here?

Reddit: ConstipatedCarrot / Via

25. No one could actually legitimately eat this, right?

Redit: dxdabest / Via

26. Is this some kind of classy tableware???

Reddit: kitkat1122 / Via

27. A peanut butter and bacon MILKSHAKE????!!??!

Reddit: Boredemosityonyoutub / Via

28. Why oh why do you need so many types of mayo?

Reddit: SmootherPebble / Via

29. Redneckognize? REDNECKOGNIZE????

Imgur: tnkitty / Via

30. And is this really a good idea?

Reddit: YJSL / Via