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23 Things Every Aussie 90s Kid Begged Their Mum For In The Grocery Store

If you walked away with even one of these, it was a successful trip.

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1. Twiggy sticks

You'd get mum to buy a bunch from the supermarket deli so you could eat one while you traipsed around the shop with her.

2. Dunkaroos

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They used to have so many different flavours, too. But the biscuit to frosting ratio was always waaaay off.

3. Space Food Sticks

They were the coolest snack to have at recess because it was definitely what real astronauts ate.

4. Le Snak

Room-temperature cheese paste never tasted so good!


10. Yowies

Kinder Surprise WHO?

11. Pizza Roundas

Sure, you could get them at the canteen. But having your own stash in the freezer at home was way more baller.


13. Choc chip muesli bars

Uncle Tobys

Mum always wanted to get the heathy options like apricot or forest fruits, but you were all about that choc chip life. Sometimes, though, you'd compromise for Yoghurt Topps.

15. Green tomato sauce.

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It tasted just like tomato sauce... but it was green. Looking back it makes no sense, but as a kid it was the most awesome thing EVER.

16. A finger bun from the bakery next to the supermarket.

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Or at the very least, a cheese and bacon roll.


17. A mini gummi burger.

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They were literally like 50 cents, so you were usually pretty sure she'd say yes.

18. YoGo with mix-ins

Literally the holy grail of "yoghurt".

19. Milo yoghurt

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If you weren't allowed YoGo, then Milo was your next best bet. Somehow Milo seemed like a healthy option, even though it was literally just chocolate yoghurt.

20. Sesame Snaps

Another snack which somehow got labelled healthy, even though it's just seeds stuck together with sugar.


21. Pop Tops

A normal Just Juice popper was a good get... but something about Pop Tops was so much better.

22. Viennetta

Sure, a chocolate Paddle Pop is a fine dessert. But you know that when mum bought Viennetta, it was going to be a good week.

23. And $2 for a gumball machine toy or bouncy ball.

The best part was watching it spiral all the way down to the hatch.