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    11 Nov 2016

    Only Australians Aged Between 20-29 Will Pass This Quiz

    Team Ryan or Team Jade?

    1. 1. Is this Ryan or Jade?

      Network 10
    2. 2. What brand is this questionable-smelling gradual tanner?
    3. 3. Which of these is not a song from The Veronicas' debut album?

      Sire Records
    4. 4. Who won Australian Idol in 2004?

      Network 10
    5. 5. Are these girls from The Sleepover Club or The Saddle Club?

      Nine Network
    6. 6. What camera would give you images that look like these?

    7. 7. What's the first name of this monkey?

      Paul Frank
    8. 8. And where would you be most likely to get this shirt?

    9. 9. What are these shoes called?
    10. 10. When you hear the words "Arias" and "glass of water", who do you think of?

      Network 10
    11. 11. Who wrote Looking For Alibrandi?

    12. 12. What's this guy's name?

      Network 10

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