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    A Comprehensive List Of All The Most Ridiculous "Pretty Little Liars" Storylines

    Toby's du-rag, the Rosewood hoedown, the NYC flash mob, and more.

    Since Pretty Little Liars is coming to a close this week, we decided to compile a list of the most outrageous storylines we've seen play out in Rosewood. We also asked members of BuzzFeed Community to help us out with the list. Here's what we came up with:


    1. We spent five episodes thinking that Ezra had a son, but it turns out it wasn’t his, and we never heard of him again.

    2. Toby got high off drug-laced gummy bears and ruined everyone’s chances of catching A.

    3. Hanna had a ghost girl just hanging out in her house one Halloween and they never addressed it.

    4. Mona hit Bethany with a shovel, thinking it was Alison. Melissa buried Bethany alive, thinking Spencer was the one who hit her. Then Charlotte hit ALISON with a shovel, thinking it was BETHANY. Then Mrs D buried Alison alive, to protect Charlotte. – shubatt

    5. Also, Mrs D found her daughter “dead”, and before checking for a pulse or calling for help, she just buried her alive. – Amy

    6. Noel Kahn literally chopped his own head off with an axe, and there was zero investigation or follow-up questions about it. – Jillian

    7. Aria’s mom got attacked by bees in her car, without realising that she could've just opened the door and got out.

    8. Toby somehow became a policeman overnight, even though he had a criminal record.

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    9. There was an entire town just down the road, filled with ghosts and magical fireflies? Or something.

    10. Toby wore a du-rag to remind us all that he’s a hardened criminal.

    11. Alison came back from faking her own death and EVERYONE was totally fine with it. There were hardly any follow-up questions or mistrust of her going forward. – faitholivia

    12. Ian, Garrett, and Jason started a club to spy on underage girls, but they listed that club as one of their achievements in Rosewood High’s yearbook.

    13. Also, Ian was secretly filming underage girls, and keeping these illegal files on his desktop in folders with no protection, labelled things like “JENNA_TOBY”.

    14. Aria’s parents were totally cool with their daughter banging her high school teacher.

    15. Jason had a relationship with a girl who turned out to be his cousin. Oh, and she knew the whole time.

    16. Paige literally tried to drown Emily in the pool but then Emily still dated her for like two years. – Maddie

    17. The A flashmob in NYC.

    18. Ashley (Hanna’s mom) decided to have sex with Wilden, a significanly younger cop, to try and get Hanna out of trouble for shoplifting a pair of sunglasses.

    19. Then she also had an affair with Jason while she was also seeing Pastor Ted.

    20. Hanna was drugged at the dentist, and woke up to find a note HIDDEN IN HER TOOTH.

    21. Rosewood High, in northeastern USA, held a hoedown for a school dance.


    22. Everything about Holden. Apparently he was a character from previous seasons, came back in Season 7B for a hot second… then just disappeared again. But also, WHO IS HE?!?!?!?!?!

    23. Basically all the Montgomerys just disappeared with absolutely no mention. Ella went to get engaged to a coffee guy, but came back. Mike was being all brooding and troublesome and then he was just never mentioned again. We know Byron and Ella got remarried but... where'd they go???

    24. Also, that fiancé of Ella’s hit on Hanna for a minute there.

    25. A went all Spiderman in New York and just jumped across buildings to escape into the night.

    26. Then A hitched a ride ON TOP OF AN AMBULANCE.

    27. For a hot second there A got very high-tech with the masks, turning into an old man at one point.

    28. Mrs Grunwald, a psychic, sensed where Ali had been buried alive and came to save her.

    29. Also Ali managed to hold her breath underground for that whole time? Sure.

    30. Emily was hypnotised and was convinced she hit Alison over the head with a shovel. Turns out that was actually CeCe all along.

    31. Adam Lambert performed at the school’s Halloween party on a murder train. Then he hit on Aria.

    32. Oh, then Aria was put in a coffin with a dead policeman.


    33. A put actual tracking chips in the girls’ necks.

    34. THEN the girls dug into each others’ necks with scalpels to get them out.

    35. The Liars’ once used a ouija board to contact Ali, who spoke to them from beyond the grave. But she was actually alive the whole time.

    36. The Liars were arrested and taken to jail. On their way to jail in an armoured police van, they were kidnapped.

    37. And somehow Aria had time to get a haircut in between being put in the van and arriving at the dollhouse.

    38. Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms popped up and performed in a Radley dream sequence.

    39. Kenny D and Jason were drugged by Charlotte, and dragged into Radley. Kenny D was never seen again.

    40. Aria’s brother Mike helped Mona fake her own death, by keeping vials of blood inside energy drink cans.

    41. Aria received second-degree burns because A figured out how to rig a fireplace. But it’s ok, the burns miraculously healed in the space of an episode.

    42. Ezra got shot, but lived on. Caleb got shot, but lived on. Ian was thrown from the belltower, but lived on. Meanwhile Shana was pushed from a stage and died. – Nadia Grande, Facebook

    43. A once stapled Aria to the wall.

    44. Emily won a CAR at a school dance.


    45. Byron’s ex-girlfriend came back to be a teacher at the girls’ school for a while. She drugged Aria, and locked her in the basement, along with Emily and Hanna who came to her rescue. Then she disappeared.

    46. Spencer’s mom has known for the past 20-something years that Slut Daddy Peter had fathered children to multiple women. Yet she still continued to live across the road from one of the baby mamas, who was the identical twin of the other baby mama.

    47. Radley, the psychiatric hospital, is fine with letting their patients roam around at night, and hang out on the building’s roof.

    48. Also, Bethany pushed Marion off Radley’s roof. Jessica paid Detective Wilden to cover up this incident, even though Wilden was probably still a teenager back at that time.

    49. There have been many 40-year-old cops dating girls who are barely 20 years old. – Ella

    50. Pastor Ted is CeCe’s father. – koalaells

    51. Hanna and Aria dumped Wilden’s police car in the lake, but left the flashing lights on. – gabbysimm

    52. Rosewood, a very small town, has a lot of fashion shows, for no real reason.

    53. At one of these shows, A somehow managed to release a snake in Spencer’s dressing room. – Sophia

    54. Not one but TWO of Melissa’s boyfriends made out with her underage sister. – ryanwebb


    55. Aria found out that Ezra was only dating her to write a book about Alison, whom he had a fling with when she was 15. And then Aria stayed with him.

    56. Oh, and she found out about all this on a ski lift?

    57. A actually spent a lot of time building an underground dollhouse, with replicas of the girls’ rooms, with a voiceover in multiple languages, and a morgue, and forced them to relive a prom from seven years ago. – Anna04

    58. Hanna went to an Amish farm and found a girl who had doll replicas of all the Liars, but they never mentioned it ever again.

    59. Once, Ezra’s excuse for getting Aria out of the house was to ask her to buy CHICKPEAS. Even though they had some in the cupboard. – therealtreegangster

    60. No one EVER wore gloves while committing crimes and doing murders. – alex116

    61. Alison became a teacher despite missing years of high school, and spending a year on the run after faking her own death.

    62. Jenna taps her cane everywhere she goes, instead of gliding it along the ground like a normal person – renaewessels91

    63. The Liars thought a bird was chirping a phone number that would lead them to A. – Kristin

    64. But then we never saw Tippi ever again.

    Freeform / BuzzFeed
    Freeform / BuzzFeed

    66. Hanna became an alcoholic in the space of about four days.

    67. A drove a CAR through Emily’s house and nothing happened. – Kristin

    68. Teenagers have managed to hack into a federal system many, many times. – laurenalyssap

    69. Jenna and Toby, who were step-siblings, hooked up for a while. – dapadele

    70. Once Spencer wore a wedding dress with a corset which turned out to be made of bones. – Mary Kate, Facebook

    71. Jason fell down an elevator shaft and ended up in hospital, where the girls visited him. They stepped out of his room to chat for a sec, and when they returned he had disappeared. They never mentioned it again and he randomly showed up in town again later on. – Mary Kate, Facebook

    72. They lived in a tiny town, but always were shocked when they ran into “suspicious” characters like Jenna getting a coffee at The Brew. – Nathan Boone, Facebook

    73. One time Spencer defused a bomb in about six seconds. – Carlos Leon, Facebook

    74. Jenna was blind, and got surgery to fix it. Then she pretended it didn’t work, and kept on being “blind” even when she could see. But then she actually got blinded again.

    75. Alison got pregnant after being implanted with Emily's eggs. And we still don't know who the father is.

    76. Oh, and Emily got a tramp stamp, which was never mentioned again.


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