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Literally Just 31 Hilarious Memes About Life In Australia

Let us never speak of iSnack 2.0 again.

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1. On romantic pick-up lines:

2. On goddamn amazing school supplies:

3. On our favourite malted beverage:

4. Which is so goddamn versatile:

5. On springtime rituals:

6. And on the only relationship status you need:

7. On the worst thing that can happen to you:

8. On summer essentials:

9. On this TV truth:

10. On your fave way to hear tunes:

So Fresh

11. And on this jingle you'll never un-hear:

12. On this goddamn genius:

13. On dedication to the originals:

14. On improving Aussie kids' shows:

15. On this inescapable torture:

16. On the biggest threat to mankind:

17. On our finest cuisine:

18. And on the one thing everyone can always agree on:

19. On the only transport you should care about:

20. On our unique slang:

21. On the most Australian education ever:

22. On our front-page headlines:

Des Moines Register / NT News

23. On our priorities:

24. On this dark moment in our history:

25. And on this very Australian sentence:

26. On this nifty trick:

27. On this heartbreaking moment we've all experienced:

28. On this childhood party staple:

29. On this unavoidable reality:


30. On this rite of passage:

Creative Commons / Flickr

31. And on your original faves: