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37 Australian TV Moments That Will Never Stop Being Funny

Long live Kylie Mole.

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1. When this sledge came out of nowhere.

Channel Ten

2. When Kath started art classes.


3. When Karl's joke fell flat.

Channel 9

4. When this bloody big ad was on air.

Carlton Draught

5. When this newsreader got bitten by a fucking bull ant.

Channel 9 / Via

6. When Mr G workshopped improv skills.


7. And when Ja'mie served up some realness.


8. When the chk chk boom girl made her TV debut.

Channel 9

9. When this bozo dropped his phone.

Channel 9

10. When Gina Liano played a spot of tennis.


11. When this guy got scared by a chicken.

Channel Nine

12. And when Eric Bana nailed Poida.

Channel 7

13. When Russell Coight gave us an education.

Network Ten

14. When Kath and Kel spent two days in Melbourne airport for their honeymoon.


15. Or when they gave us the best-ever performance on Dancing With The Stars.

Channel 7 / Via

16. When the boys from Chaser's War On Everything drove a giant Trojan horse into a bunch of places.

17. When someone threw his shoes at John Howard on Q&A.


Please watch the video. You won't regret it.

18. When these two old white dudes had a punch-up on a talk show in the '90s.

(For the record, it was talk-back radio host Ron Casey and singer Normie Rowe).

(For the record, it was talk-back radio host Ron Casey and singer Normie Rowe).

19. When Joan Rivers trolled everyone at the 2006 Logies.

Channel 9 / Via

20. And when Karl was drunk on live TV, the morning after the Logies.

Channel Nine / Via

21. When Carrie Bickmore accidentally said Cuntas instead of Qantas.

22. And when she stacked it during a live cross.

23. When this guy dished out some great life advice.

Channel 9

24. When Hamish and Andy asked the important questions.

Channel 10 / Via

25. When this guy saw his chance and ran with it.

Reddit: ChazDoge / Via

26. When this lady was having a great time at the cricket.

Channel 9 / Via

27. And when this Twitter name made it on air.


28. When Rove made a miniseries about Kevin Rudd, PM.

View this video on YouTube

29. And when Kim Kardashian taught Rove how to do that champagne-on-the-butt trick.

Network 10

30. When this girl pushed a cop into the bushes at the Melbourne Cup.

31. When Grant Denyer passed out in a stunt plane.

32. When Mike Amor got owned while reporting.

Channel 7

33. When this AFL player got caught checking out his wang on TV.

34. When old mate Hugh was generous at an Easter telethon fundraiser.

35. When Shaun Micallef took on British media.

36. When Kylie Moll and Kylie Minogue dueted on The Comedy Company.

View this video on YouTube

37. And when Kim delivered a statue of baby cheeses.