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    Here's How To Make A Perfect Cheese Plate And Look Like You're Fancy AF

    Very gouda.

    Cheese plates are hands-down one of the greatest culinary experiences of all time.

    1. Keep it really simple.

    2. Always include varieties to cater to everyone's different tastes.

    3. It's totally possible to make a great cheese board using produce from your normal grocery store.

    4. Keep it simple with a hunk of fresh, crusty baguette, or just serve the cheese on its own.

    5. If you decide to use crackers, make sure they're flavourless.

    6. Blue cheese goes well with sweet biscuits.

    7. Fresh fruit goes really well with cheese.

    8. Something acidic goes well with cheddar.

    9. Set out your plate so the flavours that go together are next to each other.

    10. Leave out your cheese an hour before you plan to eat it.

    11. You can save your leftover cheese - if you do it right!