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    19 Cheap Valentine's Date Ideas That Won't Make You Look Stingy

    None of these ideas involve using coupons.

    1. Make a blanket fort.

    2. Go stargazing.

    3. Hit up the museum.

    4. Take a hike.

    5. Attend a dance class.

    6. Have a low-key picnic.

    7. Host a Masterchef-style cook-off.

    8. Fly a kite.

    9. Play mini golf.

    10. Have a darts tournament.

    11. Go out for brunch.

    12. Go camping.

    13. Take a stroll.

    14. Play video games.

    15. Find some live music.

    16. Play strip poker.

    17. Play bartender.

    18. Explore a new neighbourhood.

    19. Have a movie marathon.

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