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19 Cheap Valentine's Date Ideas That Won't Make You Look Stingy

None of these ideas involve using coupons.

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1. Make a blanket fort.

Blanket forts are the perfect place to escape all the other sickeningly loved-up couples. Follow these directions, grab some snacks, popcorn, books and DVDs. It costs pretty much nothing and you're guaranteed a night of snuggling. Plus you don't even have to leave the house.

2. Go stargazing.

Even if you live in a big city, usually you'll be able to see a huge amount of stars if you drive about an hour out. Pack a picnic and a comfy blanket, lie on your back and pick out the constellations. There isn't much more romantic than sharing a smooch under the night sky.

3. Hit up the museum.

Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year, and there's heaps of daytime dates which will always be easier on your wallet than a night out. Impress your boo with your interest in culture or history, and research beforehand if there are any special exhibits on anywhere.

4. Take a hike.

Exercise equals endorphins which equals happiness, which is certainly something you want to be feeling on V-day. Find a hiking trail near your house and get out in the fresh air. You'll be rewarded with a date that you're sure to remember for a long time.

5. Attend a dance class.

If you're at the stage in your relationship where you're both willing to make a fool of yourself, then a dance class is perfect. Who knows, you might uncover a hidden talent. Plus, classes such as salsa and tango are particularly ~sexy~... perfect for Valentine's day.

6. Have a low-key picnic.

Grab some takeaway food and eliminate all the effort involved in actually organising picnic food. Head to your local park or beach, extra points if you can find a hill and watch the sun set.

7. Host a Masterchef-style cook-off.

Each of you choose a relatively difficult recipe online and take turns cooking for the other. The perfect way to have restaurant-style food at home. Worst case scenario is that you both find out you're horrible cooks and have to order pizza.

8. Fly a kite.

You probably haven't flown a kite since you were eight, which is a perfect reason to embrace this awesome childhood hobby again. For the cost of a $10 kite, you'll have hours of fun taking turns trying not to turn your new purchase into a tangled mess.

9. Play mini golf.

Another childhood favourite, this is a super fun way to spend your afternoon without breaking the bank. You may even uncover the hidden competitive side in your partner!

10. Have a darts tournament.

Hanging out at a dive bar is always great fun. For the cost of a few beers, you can while away the night playing darts or pool which is so much more fun than sitting in a swanky and expensive cocktail bar trying to make conversation.

11. Go out for brunch.

Breakfast and brunch are always cheaper than going out for dinner. Opt for a restaurant that offers brunch with bottomless booze then spend the rest of the day in bed, which is really how weekends are meant to be spent.

12. Go camping.

Get out of the city and find somewhere secluded to pitch your tent. Build a fire, toast marshmallows and dazzle your date with how romantic you are. Even better if it's a cold night because then you have to cuddle all night long.

13. Take a stroll.

If you live near the beach, head down there, grab some ice cream and amble on the sand hand in hand. If you have no beach, a park or even just normal streets will do. Chat about life and other such existential things. It'll cost next to nothing but you're guaranteed a lovely afternoon.

14. Play video games.

Choose a game you both enjoy, whether that's Call of Duty or Mario Kart. Spend the night eating homemade snacks and playing until your fingers feel like they might fall off.

15. Find some live music.

There will certainly be a pub or restaurant near you offering free or cheap live music. Head down for a low cost feed and drinks while enjoying the performance of what might become your new favourite band.

16. Play strip poker.

Well, really, you could play any card or board game you like. But strip poker is just a lot more fun, isn't it?

17. Play bartender.

Find some fancy cocktails recipes online like these ones, and take turns trying to get each other as drunk as possible.

18. Explore a new neighbourhood.

Take a train or a bus to the end of the line, or somewhere you've never been before. Best case scenario, you'll find your new favourite neighbourhood and discover a bunch of cool new places. Worst case; you end up in a huge dump and jump right back on the train and come home.

19. Have a movie marathon.

Is there a film trilogy or series that you keep meaning to watch but you never get around to it? Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to do so. Find a movie you both agree on, pop a huge bowl of popcorn and get super comfy under a ton of doonas on the couch.