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27 Times Kylie Minogue Was Painfully Perfect

All hail Queen Kylie.

1. When she took this selfie and actually looked like a 20-year-old.

2. When she wore these stunning sunnies.

3. When she twirled in this dress like an IRL Disney princess.

4. When she spilled the truth tea.

5. When she wore this dress and you wondered how the hell is she even real?

6. When she shared this ridic #tbt.

7. When she proved that she still slays even as a brunette.

8. When she looked so effing cute in this dress.

9. When she was so effortless and cool and you just wanted to live her life.

10. When she was literally so chill.

11. When she wore a glitter cape because what the hell else would she wear?

12. When she sat on a throne like the queen she is.

13. This photo where she proved she has the actual best legs in the world.

14. When she rocked this amazing Halloween costume.

15. When she showed off this killer lobster necklace (which she named Bruce).

16. When she reminded us of what a hair icon she used to be.

17. When she wore these mind blowing thigh high boots.

18. When she gave us sock envy.

19. And when she wore these shoes which you instantly needed in your life.

20. When she hung out on a beach in stilettos and didn't even look out of place.

21. When she showed her homeland pride.

22. When her customised shoes were just so damn Kylie.

23. When she looked like this in swimmers at the age of 45.

24. When she fangirled over Beyonce.

25. When she wore a sequinned minidress because she's Kylie Minogue and she does what she damn well pleases.

26. When she reminded us that she's actually a very tiny human.

27. And when she just held a falcon like it was nbd.

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