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10 Stars Who Swore Up And Down They Didn't Get Cosmetic Work Done — Then Revealed The Truth

"I wish I'd just been honest."

Plastic surgery and procedures have become pretty commonplace in Hollywood, with plenty of celebs being totally upfront about the work they've had done.

Chrissy Teigen poses at 'Watch What Happens Live' in a bright pink dress

Of course, not everyone is quite so candid about their elective beauty procedures. Which is totally A-OK! We're all entitled to a level of privacy around what we choose to do with our own bodies.

However, when celebrities deliberately mislead us about cosmetic procedures they've had done, it feels icky. It just perpetuates the idea that people — especially women — can look like them without any intervention.

1. Bella Hadid spent years denying that she'd gotten a nose job, or any other work done.

A teenage Bella Hadid poses on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards red carpet, wearing a snake-print strapless dress

But in 2022, Bella admitted that she'd had a nose job when she was just 14 years old.

A close-up photo of Bella Hadid smiling with a slick bun, sequined shirt, and big diamond earrings

2. Ashlee Simpson made a huge deal about loving our bodies as they are.

Ashlee Simpson smiles at the camera, she has long auburn hair with a big emo fringe

But then she got a secret nose job.

A closeup photo of Ashlee Simpson from 2022

3. Sarah Jessica Parker swore that she wasn't responsible for her missing mole.

A close-up photo of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing an extravagant green hat, a mole on her chin is very visible

But she relented two years later.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of 'And Just Like That', wearing a bright pink blazer and gold dress - her chin mole isn't visible

4. Kylie Jenner built a brand around her big lips and swore she hadn't got filler.

Kylie Jenner - in 2014 - poses on a red carpet in a white dress, her hair is short and half aqua half black

But less than a year later, she came clean.

An interview shot of Kylie on 'Keeping Up' speaking to the camera in front of a marble background

5. Tyra Banks spent years condemning surgery in the modeling industry.

A young Tyra Banks walks down the Victoria's Secret runway in a bejeweled white bikini set, with a white feathered coat around her arms

But she recently revealed that she'd had a rhinoplasty way back in the '90s.

Tyra Banks poses on a red carpe wearing black lace and a gold necklace

6. Lady Gaga was proud of the fact that she didn't get surgery, comparing herself to the other pop girlies who did.

Lady Gaga performs on stage with heavy black eye makeup, her hair is half blonde and half black

Later, though, Gaga admitted that she'd once been addicted to facial fillers.

Lady Gaga stands on the Grammy Awards red carpet in a black and white gown

7. Rose McGowan said that her changing facial features were due to a car accident.

Rose McGowan poses at an event in a tight white dress, she has bright orange hair

Later, Rose revealed that her publicist had told her to say that.

Rose McGowan walks in a crowd in a red coat and big pink fluffy hat

8. Scheana Shay denied having work done on her face.

Scheana Shay poses at a movie premiere, with massive eyelashes and big lips

The next day, she got a bit more specific.

Scheana poses in a black blazer dress with fluffy sleeves on the red carpet of Bravo Con 2022

9. Cindy Crawford claimed a DIY face scrub was to thank for her perfect face.

Cindy Crawford poses in front of a green fake grass wall, wearing a casual dress and holding a sun hat

Then, she revealed that she's been going to the same surgeon since she was 29.

Cindy Crawford poses on the red carpet in a navy blue long-sleeve sheer dress

10. And finally, Victoria Beckham spent a decade denying ever having a boob job.

Victoria Beckham in the late '90s, wearing a big diamond engagement ring and sporting a short black haircut

Eventually, she 'fessed up and admitted her regrets.

Victoria Beckham is walking from a car, wearing dark sunglasses (at night), a blue jumpsuit and is holding a bright green bag