22 Times Celebrities Roasted Other Celebrities With A Few Simple Words

    I love mess.

    1. When Lorde dragged Diplo and his "tiny penis," in defense of her bestie Taylor Swift.

    A photo of Lorde performing on stage, and a screenshot of a tweet from her to Diplo that reads "Shall we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it hm"

    2. Speaking of tiny dicks, what about that time Greta Thunberg unleashed on Andrew Tate after he bragged about all his sports cars?

    A screenshot of a tweet exchange between Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate

    3. When Kim Kardashian had a question about Lindsay Lohan's new accent.

    A close-up photo of Kim Kardashian, with a screenshot of Instagram comments on top

    4. When Lady Gaga tweeted one of her most iconic lines, calling Adam Levine the "art police."

    Lady Gaga dressed in black with sunglasses performing on stage, with a screenshot of her tweet 'uh oh guys the art police is here'

    5. When Rihanna had the perfect short but biting comeback when Ciara called her rude.

    A photo of Ciara posing in a black jacket, with a screenshot of RIhanna's tweet on top

    6. AND THEN she followed it up with an even more cutting retort.

    RIhanna posing on the Oscars red carpet, cradling her pregnant stomach, and a screenshot of her tweet

    7. When Sharon Osbourne obliterated the Jenner sisters by telling them to stick to lip gloss.

    A tweet from Sharon Osborne with a photo of a tshirt featuring Kendall Jenner's face superimposed over Ozzy Osbourne's

    8. When Martha Stewart said that Gwyneth Paltrow "just needs to be quiet."

    Martha Stewart, wearing a furry vest, brown shirt, and gold earrings, on the red carpet

    9. And then, when Gwyneth replied by simply posting a recipe for "Jailbird Cake" to her website.

    Gwyneth Paltrow, wearing a suit, sitting at the front of a courtroom looking somber

    10. When Em Rata had the perfect response to Piers Morgan's slut shaming.

    A photo of Emily Ratajkowski with two tweet screenshots: One from Piers Morgan which said "Do you want me to buy you some clothes? You look freezing" and a reply from Emily that says "thanks but I don't need clothes as much as you need press"

    11. When Bieber told JoJo Siwa to burn her personalized car.

    A screenshot of an Instagram post where Jojo Siwa is posing in front of a very brightly colored car that has her face and name on the hood, there are two comments from Justin Bieber reading 'Burn it'

    12. Pete Davidson saying that Ariana Grande spray-painted herself brown.

    Ariana Grande, wearing an oversize men's jacket, walks out of a building waving, Pete Davidson is walking behind her

    13. When John Mayer said that Jennifer Aniston hit her peak in the '90s.

    John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston in black tie clothing post arm in arm on the red carpet

    14. When Demi Lovato tweeted this after Halsey said that "Cool for the Summer" is biphobic.

    A screenshot from Demi Lovato's "Cool For The Summer" music video, and a screenshot of her tweet reading: “You know a song is a hit when people are still talking about the lyrics two years later."

    15. When the boys from 1D had a lil Twitter spat and Zayn ended Louis with one comment.

    A screenshot of tweets exchanged between Louis Tomlinson, Naughty Boy, and Zayn Malik

    16. And speaking of Zayn, let's revisit the classic moment where Gigi Hadid called Jake Paul "irrelevant" and "ugly."

    A photo of Gigi Hadid on the red carpet, with a screenshot of her tweet to Jake Paul on top

    17. That time when T.I. said that by working with Iggy Azalea, he tarnished his legacy.

    A 2014 photo of Iggy Azalea standing on stage speaking into a microphone holding an award, looking at T.I. who is standing next to her smiling back

    18. When Bette Midler dragged Kim K for sharing nudes on Instagram.

    A screenshot of a Bette Midler tweet: "Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera"

    19. So, then Kim K basically called her an old grandma.

    A photo of Kim Kardashian on the red carpet, with a screenshot of her tweet on it

    20. When Elton John accused Madonna of lip-syncing and low-key said that she should be shot.

    Elton John, in a black suit with purple tie and purple sunglasses, poses on the red carpet of the 2004 Q Awards

    21. When Kim Cattrall absolutely obliterated Sarah Jessica Parker, saying she was exploiting her tragedy.

    A photo from the set of Sex and the City, showing Carrie and Samantha looking at something while standing behind a park fence

    22. And finally, when J.Lo reduced Gwyneth Paltrow to her relationship with Brad Pitt.

    Jennifer Lopez is wearing a yellow suit, sitting in an armchair on stage and holding a microphone