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16 Ridiculous Celebrity Conspiracies That'll Make You Question Everything

I am shook.

1. Beyoncé's pregnancy was totally staged.

2. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston faked their relationship.

3. Suri Cruise is Chris Klein's daughter.

4. Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey.

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Surely you've heard this one. The theory says that JonBenét's parents faked her death so that she could grow up and become a star. I'm not really sure how that works but you can watch this video or read more here.

5. Louis Tomlinson's baby is fake.

6. Avril Lavigne has been dead since 2003.

7. Courtney Love hired one of Kurt Cobain's friends to kill him and set his death up like a suicide.

8. Paul McCartney has been dead for years.

9. Keanu Reeves is immortal.

10. Nicolas Cage is an immortal vampire.

11. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are secretly married with four children.

12. The CIA killed Marilyn Monroe.

13. Lady Gaga was a backup dancer before murdering an artist named Lina Morgana and stealing her identity.

14. Lindsay Lohan has a dead twin.

15. Miley Cyrus was killed by Disney.

16. Jay Z and Nicki Minaj are the same person