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22 Moments Every Cat Owner Has Experienced

Is it a cat or is it an unwanted alarm clock?

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1. When your cat falls asleep on your lap and you're like, "Well, I guess I'm stuck here forever then":

2. When you try to make the bed:

3. When you're trying to pack for a trip:

4. When you're trying to take a selfie:

5. Or when you're trying to read:

6. Or trying to use the computer:

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7. Trying to watch TV:

8. Or trying to study:

9. Or when you literally try to do anything:

10. When you put your food down for one minute:

11. When you try to decorate your home with nice things:

12. When you wear anything black:

13. When you leave your charger or earphones lying around:

14. When you leave a mug on the counter:

15. When you forget to close the bathroom door before leaving for work:

16. When you use a can opener:

17. When you catch them licking their butt and they always have the same face:

18. When your cat decides to wake you up at 6am on your one day off:

19. When they always manage to vomit on the carpet and not the easy-to-clean floor:

20. When your cat decides to use anything they can find as a scratching post:

21. When they always prefer your glass to their bowl:

22. But you know that no matter what atrocities they commit, you'll always love them unconditionally:

I mean, look at that face.

I mean, look at that face.