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Policeman Dyes His Hair Pink To Fight Homophobic Bullies

In support of the International Day of Pink.

Toronto police officer Luke Watson has dyed his hair bright pink for the International Day Of Pink, speaking out against homophobic bullies.

Hey #Twitter if This gets a 1000 RT's @pc8430 will keep the hair 4 a week #DayofPink #stopbullyingnow @TorontoPolice

The International Day of Pink, initiated by two students, is about "celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, and all forms of bullying", according to its website.

Stand up, speak out, wear pink tomorrow! #dayofpink #againstbullying @BerylFordPS

Watson and his colleagues visited schools in Toronto, campaigning against anti-gay discrimination.

RT @NoSuchDefault: Day of Pink! @tadmilmine @pc8430 #DayofPink #FHCIDayofPink #StopBullyingNow #bullyingendshere "

He vows to keep the hair colour for an additional week for every 1000 retweets he recieves.

I can't praise these guys enough! Thanks for what u did today @pc8430 & @RyanCP23 #DayOfPink

The Toronto Police Twitter page turned pink to celebrate the day as well.

Great to see @TorontoPolice have turned pink for international #DayofPink #stopbullyingnow @RyanCP23 @pc8430