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21 Amazing Aussie Burgers To Try Before You Die

Beetroot is optional.

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1. Burger Theory, Adelaide, South Australia

Burger Theory is a food truck with a cult following in Adelaide. It's not hard to see why, with its choice of two burgers, one with pancetta and blue cheese, and the other loaded with American cheese and special sauce. Yum.

2. Street ADL, Adelaide, South Australia

The ketchup on these amazing burgers is a house-made mix of Aussie tomatoes infused with cinnamon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper, and dorrigo pepper.

3. Burger Got Soul, Launceston and Hobart, Tasmania

Just take a moment to revel in the glory that is this burger. This is the Tassie Tempter: bacon, egg, beef patty, cheese, beetroot, relish, and homemade mayo. Damn... it's worth the trip to Tasmania just for this burger.

4. Flip Burgers, Launceston, Tasmania

Flip Burgers have been voted as the best in Tasmania three times, so you can expect they'll be good. Their ingredients are all local and organic and the serving size is certainly generous.


5. Beloporto, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Aussie burgers and the beach go hand in hand, which is why this Byron institution is so perfect. Its specialty is the Portuguese chicken burger, but the rest of its menu is pretty spectacular, especially the chips.

6. Mary's, Newtown, New South Wales

Mary's is THE cool place in Sydney at the moment. Head chef Luke Powell came over from Tetsuya's to make delicous burgers loaded with cheese, sauces, and iceberg lettuce. Plus it has a great range of beers to wash it down with.

7. Olie's, North Bondi, New South Wales

Olie's is a great place to grab a takeaway burger to refuel after a swim. Find a perch on the grass and look out over Bondi Beach as you enjoy its unassuming but tasty burgers and crispy golden chips.

8. Chur Burger, Surry Hills, New South Wales

Though there's certainly no shortage of burgers in Sydney, it's not always easy to find a really delicious burger. This tiny laneway burger bar offers amazing flavour pairings that'll have you running to Surry Hills every weekend.


9. His Boy Elroy, Wollongong, New South Wales

These HUGE burgers will have your mouth watering just from a photo. Thick wagyu beef patties topped off with melty cheese and crisp lettuce... you can't really ask for much more!

10. Howzat, Brisbane, Queensland

Howzat's cricket-themed burger menu is hitting sixes with the locals in Brisbane. Started by celebrity chef Philip Johnson, the burger bar offers delicious burgers and... wait for it...Nutella milkshakes.

11. Ben's Burgers, Fortitude Valley, Queensland

These delicious ketchup and mustard monster burgers taste like American cheeseburgers but are so much better. There are only three burgers on their menu, so you really can't make a wrong decision.

12. Longboard's Laidback Eatery, Surfer's Paradise, Queensland

These huge burgers are supposedly big enough for two, but you could certainly take that as a challenge. This beauty is a wagyu beef patty with bacon, Brie cheese, garlic mushrooms, caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, and truffle aioli. Damn.


13. Gerard's Bar, New Farm, Queensland

These picturesque burgers are the perfect ratio of beef, cheese, and sauce. They're literally oozing flavour, and will have you wanting more than one.

14. The Beer and Burger Bar, Richmond, Victoria

These burgers are a step above the ordinary. Try the pulled pork burger with pineapple and apple relish, or this beef 'n' bacon masterpiece. The crumbed jalapeños are pretty epic too.

15. Rockwell & Sons, Collingwood, Victoria

The burgers at Rockwell & Sons are almost works of art. Creamy Russian sauce, Kraft cheese, and gherkins on a toasted brioche make this one of the best burger joints in the city.

16. Andrew's Hamburgers, Melbourne, Victoria

Considering that this business has been run by the same family for 75 years, its burgers are understandably awesome and delicious and everything you'd ever hope for in a burger.


17. The Bottle of Milk, Lorne, Victoria

The Bottle of Milk serves up traditional burgers that don't bother with hipster nonsense like brioche buns. They're still amazing though — great burgers without all the bells and whistles.

18. The Cavenagh Hotel, Darwin, Northern Territory

The Cavenagh's burgers go above and beyond what you'd expect from pub food. Soft buns, delicious patties, and crispy bacon that'll have you coming back every single night.

19. Alfred's Kitchen, Guildford, Western Australia

This burger is certainly a mouthful, but you can be sure that it'll be a delicious one. Alfred's have been serving up its amazing creations since 1949, and you won't want to miss an opportunity to try the Cram: a beef patty, steak, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and egg.

20. Missy Moo's Burgers, South Fremantle, Western Australia

Each burger is named after a nursery rhyme and is certainly big enough to leave you feeling perfectly satisfied. With choices ranging from a traditional burger, to some with ingredients like blue cheese, chili jam, or caramelised onion, everyone will be happy with a burger from Moo's.

21. Jus Burger, various locations around Perth, Western Australia

Jus is a perfect hole-in-the-wall eatery offering burgers stuffed with fresh beef patties, topped with onion rings and zingy aioli. Its hand-cut chips are pretty damn great as well.

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