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    25 Things Every Harry Potter Fan Did Before “Deathly Hallows” Was Released

    So. Much. Fanfic.

    1. You obsessively reread every book, combing for information you might have missed on the previous read through.

    2. To the point where all your books looked like this.

    Jemima Skelley for BuzzFeed
    Jemima Skelley for BuzzFeed

    3. Midnight book releases were your jam.

    4. You invested a lot of time and money making elaborate cosplay costumes for these parties.

    Or also for just any day of the week really.

    5. And you definitely slept on the street at least once for a movie premiere, if you were close enough to one.

    Jemima Skelley / Facebook

    6. Your bedroom was wallpapered with posters from the films.

    7. In fact, your whole room was a shrine dedicated to the series.

    8. You'd spend hours clicking through J.K. Rowling's website trying to find clues. / Via

    Like Pottermore, but way, way better.

    9. And Mugglenet was your homepage so you'd be up to date 100% of the time.

    Swish and click.

    10. Movie marathons were a common occurrence at your house.

    To the point where you know all the lines and end up reciting the whole movie.

    11. And of course, you'd accompany the films with themed snacks.

    12. You bought any kind of merchandise you could get your hands on.

    Remember the good old days, where you could literally buy anything with the Harry Potter logo on it?

    13. You spent hours assembling intricate Hogwarts Lego sets.

    Unless you were very smart and didn't open the box. That shit is worth a LOT now.

    14. And you probably still have a Lego character keyring.

    15. You frequently visited, reading so far into every theory that came along. / Via

    Basically, you just didn't want to deal with him being dead.

    16. You got super into role playing on various online forums.

    17. After Half-Blood Prince came out, you theorised non-stop about Snape's loyalties.

    Warner Bros.

    18. You spent a lot of time writing or reading unhealthy levels of fanfiction.

    19. You listened to Mugglecast so much that you got to the point where you considered Andrew, Ben, Kevin, Eric, Micah, and all the rest of the gang to be your friends.


    And you thank god every day that it came back last year.

    20. If you lived in the right area, you went to all the fan conventions.

    21. And if you lived too far or your parents didn't let you go, you'd just look at photos on the internet and be sad.

    Warner Bros.

    22. You made so many online friends who shared your undying love for the series.

    And if you were lucky, you got to meet them IRL at cons.

    23. If you weren't in a Wrock band, you sure listened to a lot of it.

    24. If you were in London or the UK, you'd plan trips to visit various filming locations.

    25. But mainly, your time was spent waiting impatiently for the next book release, so you could devour it in a few hours and repeat the whole cycle.

    Warner Bros.

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