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23 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up In Sydney

RIP Darling Harbour fountains, you will always be missed. <3

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1. Every school holidays, you begged your parents to take you to Sega World.

Jason Lee / / Via Creative Commons

2. And while you were in the area, you'd play in the many fountains at Darling Harbour.

Adam J.W.C. / / Via Creative Commons

3. If your mum was feeling extra generous, you'd get to have a turn in one of the paddle boats outside Macca's.

Though you remember that Macca&#x27;s just being full of ibises and smelling really bad.
Flickr: @maxim75 / Flickr: 25613574@N04 / Via Creative Commons

Though you remember that Macca's just being full of ibises and smelling really bad.

4. When you were waiting for a train, you'd always pray for the brand new Tangara to show up, because they were the height of comfort.

Creative Commons
Creative Commons

5. This building will always be Centrepoint Tower to you, not Sydney Tower, or even AMP Tower.

6. You've probably only caught the monorail a couple of times in your life, but you were still weirdly sad when it closed.

James Cridland / Flickr: jamescridland / Via Creative Commons

7. You definitely went on a school excursion to Old Sydney Town.

Tourism Commission of NSW / Via

8. And you probably also went to Wonderland to study ~science~ by going on rollercoasters.

Owen Allen / Flickr: owen59 / Via Creative Commons

9. And let's not forget the two-night "camp" in Canberra to learn about the government, when all you wanted was to go to Questacon.

Photnart / / Via Creative Commons

10. You've devoured a hot dog or tiger pie here, whether as a kid or on a late night out.

11. You honestly can't think of Jamberoo, without also thinking "where you control the action."

12. You may remember the short-lived, space-themed restaurant Xerts, where you ordered off a screen, and entered through a spaceship ride.

Paul Lovelace / PAUL LOVELACE/REX/Shutterstock

13. But if you didn't go to Xerts, you certainly would have gone to at least one birthday party at Planet Hollywood, before it was ruined by a fire.

Stelios Christakis /

(You can watch a video tour here to bring back the memories.)

14. You remember the good old days when the Easter Show was at Moore Park.

When the Bertie Beetle showbag was $1 and showbags were good, and not full of plastic crap.
TTaylor / / Via Creative Commons

When the Bertie Beetle showbag was $1 and showbags were good, and not full of plastic crap.

15. Speaking of Moore Park, how great was the Fox Studios theme park?

Creative Commons
Creative Commons

It had a Titanic ride, a Kwik-E-Mart, a movie magic show... honestly, what more did you need?

16. Even if you don't remember any of the actual events, you remember getting two weeks school holidays for the Olympics.

Flickr: Ian / Flickr: thepaperboy / Via Creative Commons

17. When you turned 18, you enjoyed $3 drinks at Star Bar and Bar Century, despite the sticky floors and general trash ambiance.

(Or maybe before you turned 18. No judgement here.)
Instagram: @starbarsydney / Via

(Or maybe before you turned 18. No judgement here.)

18. And if you were a North Shore kid, Thursday nights were spent at Greenwood.

19. In your youth, you spent a lot of nights at the Cross, probably at Candy's and World Bar.

Teapots 4eva.

20. You've definitely had a drunken meal in Hungry Jacks on Oxford Street, all the while wishing it was Macca's.

21. And you've probably got at least one Nightrider bus story you'll remember forever.

22. And though you've spent your life arguing over whether west is best or east is beast...

23. know that Sydney will ALWAYS be better than Melbourne.