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26 Times Breakfast Made You Question Your Sexuality

Ooh, baby, pierce that egg yolk.

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1. When you wanted to bake yourself right into this pan of eggs.

2. When you saw this pancake stack and wanted to smother yourself in syrup as well.

3. When this plate of Eggs Benedict made your mouth water.

4. When you wanted to take this piece of toast back to bed.

5. And when this spread made you need a cold shower.

6. When the perfect symmetry of this acai bowl made you weak at the knees.

7. When the artful simplicity of this plate made you want to put a ring on it.

8. When you wanted to scoop the seeds out of the crevices of this papaya.

9. When you couldn't wait to put this sandwich inside your mouth.

10. When this combination of pan and wooden board made you faint.

11. And when this breakfast was right where you wanted it.

12. When you straight up wanted to have a child with this dish.

13. When this minimalist setting made your heart flutter.

14. And when you needed a moment to compose yourself after looking at these perfect slices.

15. When thoughts of these creamy eggs filled your dreams at night.

16. When you wanted to take these waffles out for dinner and a movie.

17. When this fruit plate made you giggle like a schoolgirl.

18. When these glistening stems of asparagus made you realise that vegetables do have their place on the breakfast table.

19. And when you wanted this hot and buttery croissant inside you.

20. When this breakfast bagel made you feel questionable feelings.

21. When you had an overwhelming urge to take a bath in Fruit Loops.

22. When this cream made you cream.

23. When the perfect combination of jam and yoghurt stirred something deep inside you.

24. When you wanted to take that banana out of its skin and taste it.

25. When the thought of these chili peppers got you all hot and bothered.

26. And when these perfect triangles made your life complete.