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15 Brands You Should Support Who Are Doing Real Good In This World

Good for you, good for the planet.

1. The Tote Project

Instagram: @tokobaruonludlow

This super-cute line of bags was started as a way to raise money to combat modern slavery and sex trafficking. Every piece is hand-made by a woman in India who has left the sex trade, and 20% of their profits are donated to Two Wings, which provides mentoring, career training, and classes for survivors of sex trafficking.

Product to try: This wave design tote is really damn cool. They're also a lot more sturdy than your regular tote bag, with inside pockets!

2. Roma Boots

Every time a pair of boots is bought from Roma, they donate a new pair to street children in impoverished areas who are in desperate need of footwear. They also donate a portion of their profits to the same cause.

Product to try: These bright red gumboots which'll lighten up a gloomy day.

3. Yuhme

Yuhme reusable water bottles are made from a plastic produced from sugarcane instead of oil, which is more sustainable and has less of a carbon footprint. Plus, for each bottle you buy, Yuhme will provide someone in the Central African Republic with clean drinking water for six months.

Product to try: There are only three designs so it's not even too hard to decide!

4. One Happy Leaf

This eco-friendly jewellery range is all hand-made with bamboo. For every piece sold, the company plants a tree in an area which needs rehabilitation or more eco-diversity.

Product to try: These bobby pins are so damn cute.

5. Pela Case

Instagram: @sustainablychic

This iPhone case is a much more sustainable option than all the other cheap plastic ones on the market. It'll protect your phone, and the company is also involved in the 1% For The Planet movement, donating a portion of its sales to environmental organisations.

Product to try: This cute "Be The Change" one.

6. Akhal Beauty

Akhal Beauty have a stunning argan oil skincare range, made form ethically-sourced and sustainable ingredients. All the oils are harvested by independent women’s cooperatives in the south of Morocco, after the company's founder saw how threatened the country's argan forests are. $1 from the sale of each bottle goes towards providing an education for the 30% of Moroccan children who can't go to school.

Product to try: This Rhassoul clay which can be used as a face mask or in a detoxifying bath.

7. True Moringa

This amazing skincare range is so good for your skin, made with cold-pressed moringa oil – a miracle cure for scars and sun damage. The company works closely with moringa farmers in Ghana, providing agricultural training and financial assistance. Since they started, they've planted 200,000 trees and increased farmers' incomes ten times over.

Product to try: This nourishing oil that can be used for your face, hair, and body.

8. The Chocolate Yogi

The Chocolate Yogi have vegan chocolate which actually tastes good – I promise! They donate a portion of their profits to Sea Shepherd, to help protect whales in the Southern Ocean. Also, if you buy one of their new Oscar mini chocolates, 5c is donated to protecting orangutans in Indonesia.

Product to try: The Astral bar, especially if you're a fan of dark chocolate.

9. Maya Chia

Chia oil is high in fat so it's great for your skin, and this brand extracts it in a way to get the purest form possible. The founder of Maya Chia recognises how much Western society has been using chia seeds and other products from Central and South America. A portion of their profits is donated to help build schools and support farmers in these areas.

Product to try: This nourishing serum which also doubles as a flattering highlighter.

10. Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale create stunning, high-quality makeup made from organic materials. The founder, Ashley Prange, has been instrumental in lobbying congress to ban harmful chemicals from being used in cosmetics and personal care products. In the US, there's no law preventing random companies from labelling their products as "natural" or "organic", even if they're not. Ashley's "Clean Beauty Revolution" is calling for stricter regulation so people know what's actually in the products they use.

Product to try: This lip stain with a flattering shade for everybody.

11. Skincando

This no-nonsense brand makes organic skincare which is perfect for dry, sensitive skin. The founder got feedback from the US military that her balm is the only thing they've used to successfully treat sand flea bites, dry skin, and sunburn. Now, the brand donates skincare packages to troops overseas, and you can also donate products in your name.

Product to try: The Combat-Ready balm which sounds like a cure-all for everything.

12. EcoDiva Beauty

This site stocks a ton of brands and products, offering everything from water bottles to makeup, candles, and perfume. With each purchase you make, the brand will donate to one of four charities which you can choose from.

Product to try: This glass water bottle to help you cut down on plastic waste.

13. Oliberté Shoes

This brand sells sustainable shoes that are good for your feet and still look stylish. Their factory in Ethiopia was the first Fair Trade Certified footwear manufacturing factory, and the company goes a long way to support workers' rights. They're also a part of 1% For The Planet, a global movement aimed at looking after the environment.

Product to try: I'm a fan of this leather backpack which looks practical as hell.

14. Abhati Suisse

This hair and skincare range is inspired by the botanicals of Switzerland and farms in the Himalayas, and is natural and sustainably-made. The brand collaborates with small farmers and suppliers in India, paying them Fair Trade prices to ensure their dedication to sustainable farming. They also put money towards the education and empowerment of young girls in these farming villages.

Product to try: This travel kit so you can try one of everything.

15. Purpose Jewelry

Every piece sold by Purpose has been hand-crafted by a survivor of sex trafficking. They also employ survivors on every level of the business, providing them with employable skills and a fair wage. A portion of profits are donated to International Sanctuary which provides holistic care for rescued sex slaves.

Product to try: These beaded earrings handcrafted by women in India.

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