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29 Sentences Every Australian Girl Said While Growing Up

"Girls are sexy, made out of Pepsi."

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1. "Let's start a babysitters club!"


2. "Polly fell out of my Polly Pocket!"

4. "I can't wait to wear my new Roxy shirt on mufti day."

5. "But also, why can't every day be mufti day, like in Saved By The Bell?"


6. "Mum got me the new Dolly magazine so I can cut out photos to decorate my school books."


7. "Shotgun being Centre when we play netball!" / Via Creative Commons

8. "You should read that Judy Blume book when the librarian isn't looking."

9. "I'm so excited to get the new Scandal'us single."

Festival Mushroom Records

10. "Mum's going to let me have a rollerskating party for my birthday."

11. "But you're only invited if you promise to get me a Starcastle."

12. "Girls are sexy made out of Pepsi."

13. "OMG Drazic is such a hottie."


14. "Impulse is so much better than Australis body spray."


15. "I love Lip Smackers but what even is Moon Rock Candy?"

16. "My Beanie Baby collection is so much better than yours."

17. "It's been a week and my Sea Monkeys still haven't hatched yet."

18. "I NEED a mood ring."

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19. "I still haven't got my pen licence yet, Miss Brown is so mean."

20. "I got new sparkly gel pens on the weekend. You can look, but can't use them because I'm saving them."

21. "I hope they play Stop at the school disco, I taped the video clip off Rage and learned all the dance moves."

22. "Oh no! One of my stick-on earrings fell off and I can't find it."

23. "I watched Now and Then on the weekend... we need to hold a séance at our next sleepover."

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24. "Mum, can we go to Video Ezy and get a $2 weekly on our way home?"

25. "The posters in this month's TV Hits are so cool."

TV Hits
TV Hits

26. "Mum made me a devon sandwich but I really just wanted hundreds and thousands."

27. "I woke up too early for Cheez TV and had to watch Aerobics Oz Style."

Channel Ten

28. "I'm so sad I have to live in a toilet but at least I get to marry my crush."


29. "I hate Alison Ashley!"


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