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31 Australians Who You Haven't Thought About In Ages

"Oh yeah, that guy!" - You, reading this post.

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2. The barking man from A Current Affair

Channel 9 / Via

He was trying to talk about some savage dogs that had gotten loose in his neighbourhood, but all he did was cement the sentence "the dogs came BOUNDING OVER" in Australian TV history.


4. Corey Worthington

Channel 9

Yeah, he's that guy who had a party when his parents were away. Only problem is, 500 people came, and his parents were left with a $20,000 bill. Oops. (P.S., he has a huge neck tattoo now.)

5. Stephanie McIntosh

Channel Ten

Stephanie started off as Sky on Neighbours, then left to pursue a musical career, as all good Neighbours stars do. Since her album Tightrope in 2006, who knows where she's been?

6. Burgo from Burgo's Catch Phrase

Channel 9

Burgo's Catch Phrase was one of the best shows to watch while you were waiting for The Simpsons to start. Burgo aka John Burgess was obviously the star of the show, though you may also remember him from Wheel of Fortune in the '90s.


9. Mark Holden

Paul Mcconnell / Getty Images

Though we all tuned in every week to watch him deliver touchdowns to the best Australian Idol performances, it's unlikely any of us have even thought about him since he finished up in 2007. Though, he was on Dancing With The Stars two years ago, but we all tried our hardest to forget it after the clown dance.

10. Paulini

Channel 10

When you think of Paulini, you think of THAT gold dress. Despite having a fairly successful recording career in the '00s, it feels like a long time since we've all thought about her.

11. The Young Divas

Fairfax Media / Getty Images

Speaking of Paulini, remember The Young Divas? Sure, you could maybe say that you still occasionally think of Ricki-Lee, but can you even name the other two? It's sure been a while.


13. Merlin

Channel Ten

Merlin sewed this sign into his shirt before entering the Big Brother house, so he could have it ready for his eviction. It ruffled a lot of feathers at the time, then we all promptly forgot about it.

15. Holly Valance

Channel Ten

She got her start on Neighbours, and then moved on to pop music. Of course. But since her 2003 album, and a short stint on Prison Break, it's certainly been a while since she crossed our minds.


16. Ranger Stacey

Network Ten

Ah, Totally Wild, the show which actually taught you something for once in your life. While the show is still on the air, unless you're watching it every day then you probably haven't thought about Stacey since your childhood.

18. Beau Brady

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

Every '00s pre-teen girl had a poster of him on their wall, but after finishing up on Home and Away in 2004, and breaking up with Bec Cartwright, who knows what happened to him?

19. Jade and Ryan from Cheez TV

Channel Ten

Sure, you may have heard stirrings recently that they're about to stage a comeback. But we all went from seeing these guys every morning on TV to never even giving them a passing thought.


24. Saturday Disney hosts that weren't Shelley Craft.

Channel 7

Ah, Dan and Mel. (Yes, I had to look up those names.) They definitely helped make Saturday Disney worth watching, but were unfortunately eclipsed by the iconic star that is Shelley Craft.

25. Mark Philipousis

Frank Leonhardt / AFP / Getty Images

You may remember him as that mildly-successful tennis player, or maybe as that guy who dated Delta Goodrem and banged Paris Hilton. Either way, you probably dgaf about him now.

26. Tatiana Grigorieva

Mike Powell / Getty Images

She was one of our major shining stars at the 2000 Olympics, and for good reason. But since her retirement in 2007, no one has really had any reason to think about her.

27. Callan Mulvey


On Heartbreak High, Drazic was that eyebrow ring-wearing hottie that you couldn't help but have a huge crush on. Though Mulvey has had one or two film roles since the show ended, it's not likely that he's someone you think about on a regular basis.


29. Tamara Jaber

Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

Remember, "Ooh Ah (I Lost My Bra)"? That iconic bop was the product of old mate Tamara Jaber, who was also in Scandal'us, and later married (and divorced) Kyle Sandilands.

30. Kylie Mole

Network Ten

While this is technically Mary Anne Fahey, there's no denying that she's more memorable as Kylie Mole. In fact, she's one of the most iconic Australian characters of all time. But since The Comedy Company ended back in 1990, mentions of Kylie Mole have been few and far between.