24 Bookshelves That Will Mildly Arouse Any Book Lover

    Bookshelf + fairy lights = perfection.

    1. Guys, how great are bookshelves?

    2. For some, it's the most important thing in the house.

    3. And the bigger, the better.

    4. Though small ones can look just as good.

    5. Whether it's organised by colour...

    7. ...or just however the hell you want...

    9. A bookshelf can tell you a lot about its owner.

    10. Especially if it's decorated with trinkets.

    11. Something about a well-ordered bookshelf is just so calming.

    12. And it just fills you with the desire to read all day long.

    13. Especially if you have a particularly cozy place to sit.

    15. This looks like it's straight off a Pinterest board.

    16. Brb going home to re-order my whole house.

    17. Honestly, how insane is this?

    18. And how long did this take to perfect?

    19. Goals goals goals.

    20. Fairy lights always manage to make everything look whimsical.

    21. But also, so does sunlight.

    22. So whatever your style is...

    23. ...and however you choose to decorate your house...

    24. ...you can't go wrong with a well-stocked bookshelf.