23 Hipster Trends That Prove They're The Most Extra People On This Planet

    Say what you want about hipsters, but they never give up on being extra.

    1. When they served beer in a measuring jug.

    2. When they renamed stock "bone broth" and were able to charge 10 times the price for it.

    3. When they decided kale was a great cookie ingredient.

    4. And when this bar served martinis in actual cans.

    5. When "opening hours" were deemed too mainstream.

    6. When this mini butter churner became an acceptable product.

    7. When this millennia-old berry was branded with glasses and a moustache.

    8. When...I don't even know what this is.

    9. And when doughnuts were used as wall art.

    10. When this eyeroll-inducing sign appeared.

    11. When this restaurant put the bill INSIDE A BONE?

    12. And when every component of this breakfast fit neatly into an egg carton.

    13. When this water was more cultured than you'll ever be.

    14. When rainbow funfetti bagels suddenly became a normal thing to eat.

    15. When the side of bread that came with this soup wouldn't fit sideways through a door.

    16. And when this café chose aesthetics over serving warm coffee.

    17. When this "living salad" became an acceptable menu item.

    This is a "living salad" from the local #Vegan restaurant...this is some #hipsternonsense if ever I saw it

    18. When espresso shots were served in syringes over ice cream with a side of cookie crumbs.

    19. And when this café's entire business model seemed to revolve around syringes.

    20. When this DERMATOLOGIST'S office featured an arcade game and retro fridge in the waiting room.

    21. When lightbulbs were embraced as a vessel for bubble tea.

    22. When activated quinoa charcoal toast sounded like a good menu option.

    23. And every single word of this damn tweet.