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Literally Just 17 Hilarious Tweets About Beyoncé Performing At The Country Music Awards

Pour that Country Time Lemonade.

So Beyoncé performed with The Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Awards tonight, and of course, she slayed.

But if you've ever heard her music, you'd probably agree that it doesn't really fall into the category "country".


Beyoncé performing at the CMA awards. Oh & the racist white folks who think that's "their music" are seething alrea…

2. But the majority of Beyoncé fans have suddenly found a new love for country music.

me: country music makes my ears bleed Beyoncé: im performing at the CMA's me:


Me: FUCK the Country Music Awards! Them: But Beyonce is performing. Me:


Me: I hate the CMA's CMA's: Beyoncé is performing- Me:


The things I go through for Beyonce #CMAs


Me watching these country artist perform at the CMA's until Beyoncé's performance

7. Country music fans are shook.

Beyoncé: "My daddy Alabama, mama Louisiana. You mix that creole with that negro" CMA viewers:



Hive: Who even watches the CMA Awards? CMA Awards: Beyoncé is performing Hive:


CMA: Taylor, will you present an award? Taylor: No CMA: But Beyoncé is gonna b.. Taylor: SEE YOU THERE WHAT TIME



Me: Country music is the worst Beyonce: *performs at the CMA's* Me: 🐴👢Save a horse ride a cowboy🎠🐮 Boy howdy!!


Me: I hate country Beyonce: I'm performing at the CMA Awards Me:


"How can we get more viewers this year? " CMA Producer: Lets say Beyoncé is coming CMAs: Beyoncé will open the A…


beyoncé is performing at the CMA tonight so this is gonna be me all night


CMA's Ratings with Beyoncé vs. Ratings after Beyoncé


CMA: Beyoncé is opening so don't forget to tune in Also CMA: