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19 Things We Tried In Sydney This Year That You Should Check Out

Featuring a smash room, a steak bigger than your head and one of the prettiest brunches we've ever seen.

1. The Vegan Carbonara at Mark + Vinny's, which tastes exactly like the real thing complete with an "egg".

Bonus points because the GF pasta actually tastes good, not like cardboard.

2. The prettiest brunch at Baby Coffee Co – come hungry.

Every thing is millennial pink, and the food is amazing.

3. Incredible cocktails that actually look magic at Alibi.

One changes colour, one is overflowing with dry ice and another is a solid jello shot in a lipstick tube.

4. Releasing our anger and smashing stuff up at Sydney Smash Room.

Beating the shit out of an old toaster is sometimes just what you gotta do.

5. Camping in a bubble near Lithgow and watching the sunrise.

It mightn't technically be "Sydney" but it's close enough for a weekend.

6. And speaking of ~not in Sydney~: wine tasting and glamping in Orange is perfect for a winter or summer or spring...or autumn getaway.

Before going, we thought Orange was a daggy country town...we were wrong.

7. Amazing gin-based cocktails at Gin Lane that look as good as they taste.

You'll never want something as basic as a G&T again!

8. Chicken and beer at Wings & Tins.

Who's gonna say no to an invitation to eat wings and tater tots all night?

9. Sydney's astrology-themed hotel, The Ultimo, which tailors your room to your star sign.

It's a real Virgo mood if you ask me.

10. These next-level brunch towers from Platform 82.

Seriously, bring 12 friends.

11. Walks around the city to schedule in on a weekend when you're not hungover.

The perfect reason to reward yourself with an ice cream.

12. Painting while drinking wine at Cork & Canvas.

And if your creation sucks, just blame the wine.

13. Pasta in a flaming cheese wheel at Salt Meats Cheese.

Pasta is great. Cheese is great. But melt it together in a giant wheel of cheese? YES THANK YOU.

14. Healthy brunch at Clean Treats

I swear, you could take anyone here and they wouldn't realise it's vegan.

15. Channeling our inner viking at Mjølner.

This viking-themed restaurant would make Thor feel right at home.

16. A haunted sleepover at Q Station that would spook even non-believers.

This is pure terror.

17. These colourful ice cream cones at D21 that are almost too cute to eat.

Plus they've got a pink wall to Instagram against. What more do you need?

18. Some damn amazing brunch spots around the city to add to your ever-growing list.

Proving that sometimes you should order something different than just avo and toast.

19. And steaks as big as your head at The Oaks Hotel – if you're up to the challenge.

Or maybe just split it with a mate.

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