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    The 21 Best Places In Sydney For A Hungover Breakfast

    Don't deny it, you know you need this list.

    1. Cafe Giulia, Chippendale

    Instagram: @sarahpsharp / Instagram: @rob_hs / Instagram: @vinellaseptania

    This place has bacon and eggs to die for, along with a milkshake that'll help shake off the cobwebs. Their burgers are also pretty phenomenal, if that's your cure of choice. Find out more here.

    2. The Grounds of Alexandria

    Instagram: @dewiliana_ / Instagram: @rebeccacatanzariti / Instagram: @rebeccacatanzariti

    The Grounds truly is a unique space: an old warehouse converted into a cafe, surrounded by gardens and a huge courtyard. Their wholesome dishes will settle your queasy stomach and their coffee will get you ready to face the day. Find out more here.

    3. Trio Cafe, Bondi Beach

    Instagram: @magzelo_65 / Instagram: @expatmom_zurich / Instagram: @ekfairy

    If the stunning beach views don't get you going, Trio's delicious breakfasts sure will. Think baked eggs, corn fritters, and nutella french toast that will make you blissful for days. Find out more here.

    4. Black Pony Cafe

    Instagram: @katietwonames / Instagram: @elys_in_wonderland / Instagram: @cannylass67

    Possibly the best breakfast in the Eastern suburbs, this is a great place to go if you have a secret love of Instagramming your food... that's how good it looks. Everyone knows how medicinal a burger is for a hangover, and Black Pony will not disappoint. Find out more here.

    5. Revolver, Annandale

    Instagram: @benism / Instagram: @morganjoh / Instagram: @gwendolyntang

    Though it can be hard to get a table on weekends, the deliciousness of the food will most certainly make up for it. Their ricotta hotcakes slathered in raspberries and maple syrup will make you weak at the knees. Find out more here.

    6. Mad Spuds, Surry Hills

    Instagram: @nina__hu / Instagram: @rachelysj / Instagram: @libbsy

    If you're a potato person (and please, who isn't), then you truly can't go past Mad Spuds. As well as a to-die-for menu of baked potatoes with various toppings, there's also a huge selection of other brekkie and lunch foods. Find out more here.

    7. Pinbone, Woollahra

    Instagram: @mngyuen1986 / Instagram: @louistzortzis / Instagram: @gabaldock

    I'm sure you wouldn't think of scones as an idea hangover cure, but you'll change your tune after a visit to Pinbone. Fresh scones, topped with melted smoked cheese and sausage. OMG. The rest of their menu is filled with comfort food which will fix your hangover but might make you want to crawl back into bed with a food coma. Find out more here.

    8. Autolyse, Central

    Instagram: @beansproutscafe / Instagram: @madammiumiu / Instagram: @trvlrshaun

    Technically, this is a bakery but you won't be complaining when you sample their diverse breakfast menu. All the food is super-fresh and they have killer toasted sandwiches. If you've got room after brekky, sample one of the delicacies from their patisserie. Find out more here.

    9. Foodies Deli Cafe, Sans Souci

    Instagram: @cjautobody / Instagram: @bronzeambition / Instagram: @foodiescafe

    Voted the best cafe in Australia, this little place has the perfect combination of great food, good service and a lovely atmosphere. Their pan breakfasts will give your hungover little stomach everything it could hope for. And they have cronuts! Find out more here.

    10. Rushcutters, Rushcutters Bay

    Instagram: @rajeevpillay / Instagram: @mizaism / Instagram: @sammibailey

    If you're a fan of organic, straight-from-the-farm style food, you can't go past Rushcutters. As well as savouring their amazing signature frittata, on weekends you'll find fresh produce on sale in one corner. Find out more here.

    11. Citrus, Newtown

    Instagram: @furrylittlepeach / Instagram: @k_dannn/ Instagram: @ness_natalie

    Newtown is chock-a-block with breakfast spots but Citrus is pretty hard to beat. Their toast is nearly an inch thick and their thickshakes and smoothies are pretty spectacular. Also their chai lattes come in a huge mug which is bigger than your head. Find out more here.

    12. Badde Manors, Glebe

    Instagram: @migalooseayc / Instagram: @kcleee / Instagram: @saldagaaa

    This cafe is all-vegetarian, but you won't be missing anything when you see their extensive menu. There must be little fairies in the kitchen, because their eggs and beans are just magical. Also mad props to the porridge and fruit salad. Yum. Find out more here.

    13. Double Roasters, Marrickville

    Instagram: @carolynleeee / Instagram: @mmmicecream / Instagram: @dessertified

    Another converted warehouse space, Double Roasters will draw you in with the strong smell of their fresh coffee. Though their toasties are worth trying, the truly spectacular dish is their croque monsieur which will stop your hangover dead in its tracks. Find out more here.

    14. Kepos Street Kitchen

    Instagram: @khaterekh / Instagram: @josephsugiarto / Instagram: @jesslee25

    Though you'll most definitely have to wait for a table, they have a great system where you put your name on a list and you can chill with a takeaway coffee in the sunshine until it's your turn to eat! Their eggs are pretty unbeatable, or there's a delish steak sandwich on the lunch menu if that's more your thing. Find out more here.

    15. Marigold Restaurant, Chinatown

    Instagram: @spaghettijaffles / Instagram: @youngapprentice / Instagram: @pinkypiggu

    Sometimes, you wake up with a hangover and wicked craving with Chinese food. Marigold Yum Cha will go above and beyond in satisfying that craving. Yum Cha is perfect because you can try whatever takes your fancy, and its so much fun when you go in a big group. Plus, egg tarts. Find out more here.

    16. Sizzler, St. George

    Instagram: @jessicafllee / Instagram: @ashleiighhh / Instagram: @andrinawenban /

    Sure, Sizzler is in no way the classiest establishment on this list. But sometimes there's nothing better than bottomless potato skins when you feel like you're about to ralph. And that cheese toast. Damn. Find out more here.

    17. All Good Things Eatery, Kingsgrove

    Instagram: @gigi_komorebi23 / Instagram: @cryssytree / Instagram:@zafiit

    This shiny, modern looking cafe uses only the freshest ingredients, and even serve some made-in-house foods like cheese, pickles and yogurt. Wouldn't fresh-baked sourdough with house-made fetta and scrambled egg go down a treat? Wash it down with a coffee and you'll be good to go. Find out more here.

    18. Ruby's Diner, Waverly

    Instagram: @titi2011 / Instagram: @naked_paleo / Instagram: @foodjunkiess /

    A great place to stop by on your way to the beach, Ruby's will fill you up with their all-day breakfasts and coffee that you could use to jump start your car. Try the scrambled eggs- they're unbelievably creamy. Find out more here.

    19. The Penny Royal, Mosman

    Instagram: @thepennyroyalcafe / Instagram: @nutorious_ / Instagram: @_agirlobsessed

    This hole-in-the-wall delivers what some call the best coffee north of the bridge. Their avocado toast and sandwiches are also worth waiting out the crowds that flock here on weekend mornings. Find out more here.

    20. Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

    Instagram: @lok_w / Instagram: @sweetandyummie / Instagram: @vonnerism

    Devon won this year's Sydney Morning Herald Cafe of the Year award, so you know it's going to be good! It delivers on all the breakfast essentials- eggs, pancakes, bagels and bacon. Find out more here.

    21. Circa Espresso, Parramatta

    Instagram: @foodovery / Instagram: @droolworthyworld/ Instagram: lollipopsky

    This hip little cafe has encyclopedias and vinyl records lining the walls and eco-friendly tidbits for sale. The food is wholesome and fresh, and they have amazing baked eggs. Its not too pricey either, which is always a plus. Find out more here.

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