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    21 Incredible Places Around The World That Are Relatively Cheap To Visit

    Who needs savings when there's $1 street food and $5 hostel beds?

    It's no secret that traveling is expensive, but not every destination is as pricey as you might think. There are plenty of places all over the world where you can stick to a pretty tight budget and still have an amazing time. Since getting there is often the most expensive part, keep an eye out for cheap flights and choose your destination based on where you can get a good deal.

    We've highlighted some of the best places where your money will go far. The prices cited here are all in US dollars, and the lodging costs refer to a dorm bed in a medium-level hostel.

    1. Hungary

    Zoltangabor / Getty Images

    Hungary is a great way to visit Europe on the cheap. The country's capital, Budapest, has plenty of activities, from churches and markets to hikes and bike trails. The nightlife here can get pretty wild, but you'll never spend more than $15 on a night out.

    Meals: $10 per day

    Lodging: $10 per night

    2. Nicaragua

    3. Taiwan

    4. Thailand

    5. Estonia

    6. Cambodia

    7. Mexico

    8. Morocco

    Zzvet / Getty Images

    Morocco is always at the top of lists for budget-friendly places to visit. Marrakech is a wonderful, colorful city that's worth a couple of days. Be sure to visit other towns like Fez and Chefchaouen, and spend some time exploring the Sahara. It's worth splurging on good-quality tours with the money you save on accommodations.

    Meals: $10 per day

    Lodging: $7 per night

    9. Indonesia

    10. Albania

    11. Kyrgyzstan

    12. Bulgaria

    13. Turkey

    14. China

    15. Portugal

    16. Philippines

    17. Chile

    18. Bosnia-Herzegovina

    19. Vietnam

    20. Ecuador

    21. Tanzania

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