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33 Characters That You'd Love To Hang With IRL

Just imagine having Butterbeers with Fred & George Weasley.

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Recently we asked BuzzFeed Community which fictional character they'd love to have a drink with. Here's what everyone had to say.

1. Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

"I would love to hear the stories that wizard could tell over a drink or two!" - Sarah Taylor, Facebook

2. Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation


"I want Leslie Knope to shower me with Galentine's gifts while eating waffles at JJs." - Chelsea Bentley, Facebook

3. Daria and Jane from Daria


"I could watch Sick Sad World with them and be as sarcastic as I wanted to be about other people without being scolded that I am mean." - Sami Melaragno, Facebook

4. Abed from Community


"We would build a blanket/pillow fort then spend a few hours in the Imaginarium." - Simon James, Facebook

5. Castiel from Supernatural

The CW

"That way I could laugh to myself at his one-liners and enjoy his confusion at all things human." - Bethany Ruth Massey, Facebook

6. Aaron from The Walking Dead


"We have so much in common and he's already a hilarious guy, I can only imagine how much funnier he is when he's drunk. He would get really gay too and I like that." - Hayden Veach, Facebook

7. Ron from Parks and Recreation


"He’d know exactly what drink to order and I wouldn’t feel like I needed to engage him in conversation." - genevievelamee

8. Dean from Supernatural

The CW

"He can drink, he's got some interesting stories, he's pretty funny and smoking hot. All round winning." - Aysha Kennedy, Facebook

9. Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It


"I feel we'd be on the same level after a day's work and, as a result, have a lot to talk about." - Tracy Lalonde, Facebook

10. Cosima from Orphan Black

BBC America

"I feel like I would gain like 10 IQ points per hour just by talking to her and passively absorbing her brilliance." - jessa9

11. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock


"Just because I know that she’d be totally up for ordering mozzarella sticks with me!!" - NutellaRox

12. Creed from The Office


"He's so random and I'd love to hear stories about his fugitive past!" - Shannon Montague, Facebook

13. Sherlock from BBC's Sherlock


"So I can take scientific advantage of him afterwards." - Latanya Ivey, Facebook

14. Claire Underwood from House of Cards


"She could teach me to be a bad ass like her." - Jack Snyder, Facebook

15. Jim Halpert from The Office


"I hear he gets pranky when he's drunk." - Kelly White, Facebook

16. Artemis from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


"I'd totally do Jager bombs and blast my nips with Artemis." - LET TOMMY WISEAU HOST SNL, Facebook

17. Fred & George from Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

"So much mischief to be had." - rachelleem

18. Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time


"You know he knows how to party. And. He’s. Hot." - katiehawksb

19. The Avengers


"They’d be the coolest group to hang out with!" - Larissa Trevino

20. Ari Gold from Entourage


"That would be one hell of an evening." - dannyb41a5bee6d

21. Lucy Pevensie from the The Chronicles of Narnia series

Walt Disney Studios

"No questions asked. She’s a character I greatly admire and I strive to have faith like hers." - katiet59

22. Buffy from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The WB

"Who wouldn’t want to have a drink with the vampire slayer?!" - celinawoolf

23. Jess from Gilmore Girls

The WB

"I would love to pick his brain on authors: Vonnegut, Bukowski, Kerouac-the whole lot." - courtneyb426cc9f2a

24. Nick from The Great Gatsby

Warner Bros.

"He’s got stories. And he’s so down-to-earth." - sarahs422b51f5e

25. The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera

Warner Bros.

"So that the whole time I can go: 'HE’S HERE THE PHAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!'" - toomanysmarfs

26. Kate Beckett from Castle


"I would love to hear about her week with her husband, Richard Castle. Has she ever played laser tag with Castle’s family? Lastly, I would like to thank her for being my role model, badass and sexy." - brissybecketta

27. Abbi from Broad City

Comedy Central

"So I can see her transform into Val." - christinel48726fb18

28. Holden Caulfield from The Catcher In The Rye

"He seems like a good person to just vent to and bitch about life over a cold brew." - andreas4d285ede9
Little, Brown & Company

"He seems like a good person to just vent to and bitch about life over a cold brew." - andreas4d285ede9

29. J from The Misadventures of The Awkward Black Girl

"I’d think she’d be even more funny and relatable when she’s drunk." - tonyapenn

30. Red Reddington from The Blacklist


"He’s really cool and witty and he’s also kind of a badass." - letsblowstuffup

31. Kenzi from Lost Girl


"She’s smart, spunky, and beautiful." - mrgeekfreek

32. Tom from (500) Days of Summer

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"I could argue with him about music and books and the best architecture all the live long day." - arcticmonkey1975

33. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings

New Line Cinema

"I’m sure he would have plenty of kick ass stories!" - sarahveebee

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