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    19 Things To Do On A Layover In Bangkok

    Bangkok deserves at least a day or two of your time.

    1. Use the hop on hop off boat.

    2. See the giant Buddha at Wat Pho.

    3. Explore the temple of Wat Arun.

    4. Learn about the royals at the Grand Palace.

    5. Pick up a bouquet at the flower market.

    6. Soak up the vibes of Khao San Road.

    7. Eat as much street food as possible.


    The street food in Thailand is truly amazing. While it's tempting to just get a pad Thai because at least then you'll know what you're getting, the other options out there are seriously worth trying. Don't leave without trying mango sticky rice, fruit with chilli sugar, and a stir-fry or curry from a street vendor.

    8. Think pink at the Hello Kitty Cafe.


    Bangkok has some pretty out-there stuff going on. This is a three-story cafe dedicated entirely to Hello Kitty. All the food is on-theme, with Hello Kitty pancakes, coffee, milkshakes, cupcakes, and even pad Thai. Make sure you check out the bottom floor where you'll find a very well-stocked shop (Hello Kitty champagne, anyone?), and a day spa.

    9. Suspend your reality at the Unicorn Cafe.

    10. And embrace your inner child at the Mermaid Castle.

    11. Shop 'til you drop.

    12. Spend an evening in Chinatown.

    13. Take a breather in Lumphini Park.

    14. Have a drink in the clouds at Sky Bar.

    15. Peruse the shelves of a 7/11.

    16. Take a tuk tuk or motorcycle taxi.

    17. Lose yourself in the Chatuchak weekend markets.

    18. Watch a Muay Thai fight.

    Pablo Rebolledo / Via

    If you're at all interested in Muay Thai or boxing, then you can't leave Bangkok without watching a fight. The noisy, electric vibes of the crowd only make it way more exciting. There are heaps of places to watch, but there are free fights at Channel 7 Stadium (if you get there early enough).

    19. And, of course, get a massage.

    BuzzFeed flew to Bangkok as a guest of Air Asia for their Half A Billion Guests Flown celebration.

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