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    23 Small Aussie Charities You Should Donate To This Christmas

    They're all doing such good things.

    1. Hope for Nauru

    These guys provide support for asylum seekers and refugees by giving them packages with things like food, baby care products, first aid supplies and clothing. They also help advocate for asylum seekers brought to Australia for urgent health care. All the money donated goes straight to the cause.

    2. Waltja

    This organisation, led by female Indigenous elders, helps address the major issues facing Aboriginal families as a result of dispossession of land and cultural distintegration. They do so much stuff including caring for the elderly, supporting young mums and their kids, reconnecting at-risk youth with their communities and supporting the mental health of young people.

    3. Fitted For Work

    These guys help disadvantaged women find employment. They provide self-esteem and interview training as well as professional-looking clothes.

    4. Taboo

    5. Twenty10

    This charity provides support services for LGBT+ people including housing, counselling and mental health support.

    6. North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

    NAAJA provides high-quality legal services for Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, and run programs to help people understand the legal system. They have youth camps, public speaking at detention centres and education and rehabilitation sessions.

    7. Friends of the Hound

    These guys rescue ex-racing greyhounds who would otherwise be put down. They teach them how to be pets and then adopt them out. This guy is Billabong and he's currently up for adoption.

    8. Peter MacCallum Foundation

    Peter Mac is the only Australian public hospital dedicated solely to treating cancer. Donations go toward developing technology to prevent, detect and treat cancers.

    9. Sleeping Bags For Homelessness

    This charity donates good-quality sleeping bags to homeless people in Melbourne. So far, they've given over 5000.

    10. The School Project

    This project aims to help children who have been displaced from their homes due to domestic violence continue their education. They accept monetary donations as well as things like backpacks and school supplies.

    11. Orange Sky

    12. Lifeline

    This is a bigger charity but they do bloody good stuff. Did you know that you can donate things to them like old furniture? They'll sell it to financially disadvantaged people for a low price, then put that money toward operating their hotline centres.

    13. Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

    This organisation helps asylum seekers in Australia. They offer meals, support systems, healthcare, employment assistance, education and legal aid.

    14. Fred Hollows

    This foundation works toward eliminating avoidable blindness around the world and improving the eye health of Indigenous Australians. A $25 donation will restore someone's vision.

    15. Men's Shed

    This organisation is based on the idea that “men don’t talk face to face they talk shoulder to shoulder”. It gives men – usually older, retired men who might not have a support network – a place to hang out, chat and find social support.

    16. The Thin Green Line

    This organisation helps protect park rangers overseas who risk their lives to protect wildlife from poachers and militia groups. It's estimated that 1000 rangers have been killed in the past 10 years.

    17. Exodus Foundation

    This foundation does A LOT for helping disadvantaged people to break free from poverty. They're Sydney-based, and provide food, healthcare, and community programs for homeless people.

    18. FoodBank


    This organisation delivers food all around Australia to feed those who need assistance. Almost all their staff are volunteers, meaning a huge percentage of your donation goes to those who need it.

    19. Mercy Ships

    Mercy Ships sail around the world providing health care services and aid to people in the developing world who don't usually have access to that.

    20. Domestic Violence Crisis Centre

    Based in Canberra, they provide a number of services like crisis intervention, legal support, programs for mothers and families and support for men seeking help to stop using violence.

    21. Two Good

    22. Hayrunners

    This organisation provides hay to drought-affected farmers across the country.

    23. Destiny Rescue

    Destiny Rescue is an organisation that rescues children trapped in the sex trade in south-east Asia. They also run programs to prevent children from entering the trade in the first place, and rehabilitation for those who are rescued.

    Didn't find a charity you love? There are sites that recommend charities based on their effectiveness and impact, and how far your dollar will go.


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