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    11 Mar 2014

    20 ABC Kids Shows That Can't Possibly Be Topped

    Koalas, bananas, and a baby in a guitar case. The ABC had it all in the 90s.

    20. The Busy World of Richard Scarry

    Detailing all the adventures of the residents of BusyTown. We all just really wanted that flying apple car.

    19. Angela Anaconda

    My name is Angela, hey hello. And welcome to my very own show. This weird animation-but-not followed Angela at school... with her nemesis... Ninny Poo!

    18. Lil Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers

    Randomly set in Outback Australia, Elvis appeared in a gold guitar case one day as a baby, and ended up forming an awesome rock band.

    17. Freaky Stories

    It happened to a friend of a friend of mine. Hosted by a maggot and a cockroach -- and while some of the stores were plain silly, some were guaranteed to keep you up at night.

    16. Fireman Sam

    This show is just so unbelievably British. Just watch the opening sequence.

    15. The Animals of Farthing Wood

    This show was rife with (not-so) subliminal environmental messaging, as the plot centred around a group of animals who had to relocate due to deforestation.

    14. The Angry Beavers

    Two brothers (who happen to be beavers) move out of home into the forest to live in a bachelor pad. Needless to say, this show is originally Canadian.

    13. Babar


    One of the classier cartoons out there, Babar just made us want to change our names to something exotic like Cornelius or Celeste.

    12. Postman Pat

    And his black and white cat. Wow. I didn't think we'd find it. A show that is more British than Fireman Sam.

    11. Blinky Bill


    The Australian cartoon staple. I dare you to find an Aussie who grew up in the '80s or '90s and never watched Blinky Bill.

    10. CatDog


    Seriously? Who came up with this idea? A cat and a dog share a body... hilarity ensues.

    9. The Secret World of Alex Mack

    One day she was a normal teenager, then the next she got hit by a truck and got super powers! Like being able to turn into goo and sneak under locked doors.

    8. Bananas in Pyjamas

    One of those shows that every kid in Australia watched and loved. But did you know that it is now ANIMATED? Watch a clip here and be outraged.

    7. Play School

    There's a bear in there... and a chair as well. Everyone had their favourite host, whether it was Benita or Monica or Noni.

    6. Albert the Fifth Musketeer

    He's sharp, he's cool, he's nobody's fool! Albert saves the other dim-witted Musketeers with his inventions and wacky schemes. Making short French men cool, way better than Napoleon ever could.

    5. The Trap Door

    Berk! Feed me! This awesome claymation earns its No. 5 spot by making it appear totally normal for a blue dude to have a talking skull and a monster in his basement.

    4. Rocko's Modern Life


    The daily struggles of a wallaby that emigrated from Australia to the U.S. Like many others on this list, it was full of morals and lessons about being a good friend and an all round great bloke. Or in Rocko's case, wallaby.

    3. Art Attack


    This is an Art Attack! This is an Art Attack! This is... Art Attack! This show was like the Pinterest of the '90s: Everyone attempted the projects, but ultimately they all failed.

    2. Captain Planet

    The power is YOURS. Forget subliminal messaging or hidden morals, this show was flat out blatant advertising for treating the planet well. Good work Captain Planet, because of you, most of us feel guilty when we use plastic bags or don't recycle.

    1. Arthur

    And I said hey, HEY! What a wonderful kind of day! No '90s kid can say that they don't know all the words to this song. And most of us are still trying to figure out exactly what animal Arthur is. Mouse? Monkey? Bear?

    This show is hands down the No. 1 best kids show of the nineties, dare I even say of all time? Arthur and his other animal friends made us want to share, be well behaved, and treat our friends and family properly. And it had a kick ass intro theme.

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