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    22 Foods That Australians Will Probably Never Get To Enjoy Ever Again

    All I want is a bag of Muncheros.

    1. Fruit bars

    Facebook / Via Facebook: Bellis

    These really toed the line between being healthy and being straight-up lollies — especially the chocolate-covered ones. You can still get a version of these in supermarkets, but nothing can beat the original ones from the '90s. I can still taste that sugary apricot flavour. 

    2. Bisc&

    Reddit: u/oph199 / Via

    Your mum probably only got these occasionally as a special treat, but DAMN did they hit the spot. From memory, there were Twix and Mars flavours as well, but of course the M&Ms variety reigned supreme. 

    3. Muncheros

    Muncheros / Via

    BRING BACK MUNCHEROS!!!!!! Doritos and CCs simply cannot compare to the perfect chips that were Muncheros. It's the shape, it's the packaging, it's the zesty lime flavour. (Let's agree not to talk about their problematic advertising).

    4. Mini-Wheets


    I think you can still get the American version of this cereal in some stores, but they're always frosted and way too sugary. The Aussie Mini-Wheats were just incomparable. When you left them to soak in milk for five minutes they got all soggy and delicious. 

    P.S. Please do not leave a comment saying that you can get Fruity Bites cereal in Woolworths. It's not the same. 

    5. Caramel Paddle Pops


    Nothing will beat a banana Paddle Pop. But Caramel sure came close. Streets brought this iconic flavour back in 2019 for a limited time, but we reckon it needs to become a permanent fixture. 

    6. Starburst


    Ok, Starburst lollies haven't fully disappeared. But have you noticed that they're not in supermarkets anymore? In fact, you can now only get Starburst at 7/11 and smaller chains. Sad!

    7. But in particular, Starburst jelly beans

    Amazon / Via

    These bad boys left shelves in the mid-'00s, never to be seen again. They were probably some of the best jelly beans on the market, though they were so damn sugary your teeth felt like they were gonna fall out after one handful. 

    8. Fruity-Bix cereal and bars


    Fruity Bix cereal were like mini Weet-Bix filled with gummy "fruit" pieces. And god they were good. The bars were also excellent, even though it was just like taking a bite of a dry Weet-Bix biscuit.

    9. The old Milo Bars


    Yes, we still have Milo bars in the muesli bar section. But the ORIGINAL Milo bars were more of a chocolate bar. From memory, it was caramel, biscuit and little balls of Milo. And they were so delicious. 

    10. Oh and Milo yoghurt

    Facebook: airfrov / Via Facebook: airfrov

    The old tubs of Milo yoghurt were a TOP TIER after-school snack. You can still get a weird pouch form of Milo yoghurt, but in Australia the tubs became obsolete. Sad. 

    11. Sunnyboys

    Reddit: a_frog_on_stilts / Via

    There was nothing better than opening the freezer in summer to find a box of Sunnyboys ready to be devoured. Cola was an obvious fave, but the classic orange still did alright. 

    12. In A Biskit


    Now where the HELL did In A Biskit go?! Not to slander an Aussie classic, but these were low-key better than Shapes. The chicken drumstick flavour? Iconic! Crispy potato? Unbeatable. 

    13. Vice Versas


    The fact that you can still buy these in England might be the biggest slap in the face that we've faced as a country in the last few decades. It's a big call, but I'd trade in Smarties to get Vice Versas back. 

    14. Calippo Shots


    We love an icy pole, we love a Calippo. But truly nothing beats tiny balls of lemon sugary ice delivered straight down the gullet.  

    15. Tasty Jacks


    Sometimes an original potato chip is just a plain chip. But Tasty Jacks somehow made their original favour taste EXACTLY like a roast potato. I don't know how they did it, but I still think about them on probably a six-monthly basis. 

    16. Vegemite Snackabouts


    Ooft these just hit different. The crackers were perfectly buttery without being too soft and the Vegemite always came in the perfect quantity. These bad boys disappeared about a decade ago, but for a while recently, you could still get them with Cheesybite — which, let's face it, is just sacrilegious.

    17. Sherbet Bombs

    MyLolly / Via

    These could fully pull your teeth out and the sherbet inside kinda tasted like laundry powder. But damn these were a good lolly and always found in party bags. 

    18. Toffee Apples


    Another lolly hated by dentists across Australia, these bad boys were always 20 cents at the canteen or corner store. They probably just tasted more like sugar and chemicals than any form of apple, but still damn good. 

    19. Pop-top Voodoo jelly

    I'm unsure how this concept came about, but I'm not mad at it. "The Jelly You Can Drink", Voodoo were like Pop Tops, but on a whole new level. 

    20. Fanta spiders

    The Soda Wiki / Via

    Someone at the Coca Cola company thought one day: What if Fanta was creamy? And so the Fanta Spider was born. It wasn't terrible, but let's just say I'm unsurprised it didn't stick around. 

    21. Agro cone


    There were two types of people in the '90s: The Agro Cone people and the Sherbet Cone people. Either way, Wendy's was THE place to go for a Friday after-school treat. 

    22. And finally, iSnack 2.0



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