Australia On Instagram Vs In Reality

Things are not all as they seem.

1. Bondi Beach on Instagram.

2. Bondi Beach in reality. / Via Creative Commons

3. Wildlife on Instagram.

4. Wildlife in reality.

Flickr: pikerslanefarm / Via Creative Commons

5. Christmas on Instagram.

6. Christmas in reality.

7. Sydney Harbour Bridge on Instagram.

8. Sydney Harbour Bridge in reality.

9. The Gold Coast on Instagram.

10. The Gold Coast in reality.

11. Summer on Instagram.

12. Summer in reality.

13. Australian men on Instagram.

14. Australian men in reality.

15. Melbourne trains on Instagram.

16. Melbourne trains in reality. / Via Creative Commons

17. Partying on Instagram.

18. Partying in reality.

19. Perth on Instagram.

20. Perth in reality.

21. Politics on Instagram.

22. Politics in reality.

23. Weddings on Instagram.

24. Weddings in reality.

25. Cricket on Instagram.

26. Cricket in reality.

27. Surprises from your husband on Instagram.

28. Surprises from your husband in reality.

29. Road trips on Instagram.

31. Northern Territory on Instagram.

32. Northern Territory in reality.

33. Melbourne Cup on Instagram.

34. Melbourne Cup in reality.

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Jemima Skelley is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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