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24 Photos That Prove Australia’s Nothing Like The Tourist Brochures

For some reason, they don't tell tourists about the beach snakes and toilets full of frogs.

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1. Aussie animals in tourism brochures:

Flickr: S. Rohrlach / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 95098864@N08

Aussie animals in real life:

Channel 7 / Via

2. Australian beaches in tourism brochures:

Danbreckwoldt / Getty Images

Australian beaches in real life:

Channel 10

3. Sydney in tourism brochures:

Moisseyev / Getty Images

Sydney in real life:

4. Western Australia in tourism brochures:

Johncrux / Getty Images

Western Australia in real life:

5. Country Australia in tourism brochures:

Lovleah / Getty Images

Country Australia in real life:

Reddit: frenzy3 / Via

6. Café culture in tourism brochures:

Vmjones / Getty Images

Café culture in real life:

7. Outback Australia in tourism brochures:

Totajla / Getty Images

Outback Australia in real life:

Facebook: Central Station / Via Facebook: centralstationlife

8. The Opera House in tourism brochures:

Allensima / Getty Images

The Opera House in real life:

Instagram: @utrieuthe / Via

9. Australian nature in tourism brochures:

Bengoode / Getty Images

Australian nature in real life:

10. The Northern Territory in tourism brochures:

Uwe-bergwitz / Getty Images

The Northern Territory in real life:

Instagram: @rickymontalvo / Via

11. Melbourne in tourism brochures:

Kokkai / Getty Images

Melbourne in real life:

12. Australian road trips in tourism brochures:

Aurelie1 / Getty Images

Australian road trips in real life:

Reddit: Pavlovs_Bellend / Via