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    21 Aussie Quirks That Even We Have To Admit Are Kinda Fucked Up

    Would really love an etymological explanation for the word "durry".

    1. Having to get a pen licence in primary school.

    truly insane that I had to earn a “pen license” at school but they let me just go in raw on a bunsen burner

    Twitter: @gracejarvisohno

    I know this is a thing in some British places as well, but come on, it's bizarre as hell. Also, I'm pretty sure that my handwriting was better in year 3 than it is now, but I'm still out here using pens with zero consequences.

    2. A distinct lack of shoes in public.

    3. Yelling "Spotto!" when you see a yellow car.

    4. Cafés and restaurants banning split bills.

    'No split bills' is still a big thing in Australia, despite other countries working out how to do it. To me, it seems a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between the parties. My debt is not to my friends, but to the restaurant...

    Twitter: @kalsop

    Okay, mayyyybe it's because the restaurant doesn't want to pay the 17-cent credit card fee twice. But if I just paid $34 for a coffee and toast, can't they cover it?

    5. Having to abbreviate everything, even if it doesn't make it shorter.

    6. Not to mention, words that make no sense at all.

    Can I bum a durry? Curious if anyone knows what this means. Australians, don’t say anything unless you really don’t know either.

    Twitter: @TheHarryTuttle

    Where did "durry" come from?

    7. Doing shoeys.

    8. Taking your pants off in the pub when "Eagle Rock" is played.

    realising it’s gonna be one of those parties where they play Eagle Rock and all the straight guys pull their pants down

    Twitter: @Nickw49

    It's not quite as widespread as "No way, get fucked, fuck off", but it is a real thing, and sorry, I hate it.

    9. Having pokie machines everywhere.

    10. Learning "the Nutbush" as part of the curriculum.

    did you even go to primary school in australia if you didn't learn the nutbush in PE?

    Twitter: @jemimaskelley

    It's not even an Australian song? And yet we all know the dance.

    11. The concept of fairy bread.

    12. The majority of our pubs and dive bars having carpet.

    13. Swooping bird signs.

    14. Buying real Christmas trees as if it's not the middle of summer.

    i think the weirdest thing (admittedly not many) Australians do is go out to whoop whoop to the artificially planted Christmas tree farms and cut down a tree when its like 35 degrees like come on

    Twitter: @andy_sidecake

    Not only that, but some people spray theirs with fake snow???

    15. Calling our coffees "long black" and "short black".

    16. Musk sticks.

    An Australian person gave me a candy called a musk stick and it tastes like candied perfume/incense -- I kind of love it.

    Twitter: @helenshang

    Musk is a smell, not a flavour. So tell me why someone decided to make musk-flavoured chalk and sell it as a lolly?

    17. Drinking goon from the bag.

    18. Calling everything the bush.

    19. Sunday sessions.

    20. Using the word "dog" as a negative.

    Kamikamica and Cowfoooosi should be sin binned. Dog act. #NRLStormRaiders

    Twitter: @dexterwizard666

    Dogs are cute. We love dogs. So why do we say "That was a dog act" or "What a dog" or "Never dog your mates"?

    21. And finally, singing the DJ Otzi classic "Hey Baby" at music festivals and concerts.

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    I love it, but I can't deny it's strange. 

    What do you think of these habits, Aussies — strange or cause for celebration? Let us know in the comments below!